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Yes, no and maybe so…… all entailed in this weeks learning.

This week of my learning project I choose to focus on learning common words and simple phrases. I was actually surprised by how easy some of the terms were to learn. The main struggle I had this week was based around word order. In ASL when you sign you format the sentence in object, subject then verb OSV. I watched on video that described the difference between OSV and Signing as we see (SEE). The video really allowed me to understand the difference. In sign they tend to cut out certain words so saying “Sign I Learn” is shorter and easier to say in ASL then “I’m learning sign language”. From my experience with learning French in school I noticed that in the French language they also order the words differently then we do. Overall I would say that this weeks learning went much beyond just exploring the signs because I got to focus in on some of the structural aspects of ASL.

The first week of my learning project I heavily relied on apps as the main resource for my learning. Last week I used videos and a few images as my main resource for learning. This week I tired to find new types of resources to use for my learning. However I found the to be a struggle, since ASL is such a visual thing it is hard to learn it through text and even pictures at times. SO I ended up using a variety of websites and videos as my ASL teacher this week. The main website I used for my learning was Cudoo. Cudoo provided a text description of how to perform each sign and a video that demonstrated it. I liked that the website offered both a text and video explanation because it allowed me to practice my comprehension by reading the text and also my visual interpretation by viewing the video. The only downside to Cudoo was that it only covered 11 terms in total. After learning all the terms provided in Cudoo I decided to learn some other short sentences I found important by using YouTube videos. In this process I manged to find a YouTube channel that shows All demonstrations. The channel is called Sign Language Dictionary and it has various short videos that demonstrate how to perform different signs. There was a few main things I really liked about the sign language dictionary channel. First of I liked that it provided a break down of the sign and also used relations to make the signs easier to remember. Secondly I really liked that the idol where short and just covered one term because that made it easy to find the sign I was looking for a not waste a lot of time. Overall I would say my two resources this week were both very strong and I would definitely recommended both of them to anyone else learning ASL.

Week 3 Learning Progress Video

Concluding this week of the learning project and looking ahead at the coming weeks of learning I am starting to feel a bit stumped on new resource forms to try. That being said I decided to join a Facebook page called “American Sign Language for All”. I thought joining this page might help me find more resources to use for my learning in the coming weeks. going this group has also provided me with various insights and resources into the deaf and hard of hearing community which is a super amazing thing to be exposed to while learning ASL.

The ASL FaceBook Group I Joined

In week 4 of my learning project I am going to expand my learning and try to learn some larger sentences that will allow me to carry on a basic conversation in ASL. At this point I am not completely sure of the virtual resources I will be using next week but likely some videos and hopefully maybe another website. Thats all I have for today wish me luck on week 4 of learning!

Here is some bonus content of my learning. Between week 2 and week 3 I decided to add the learning of colours to my learning plan. I found learning the colours rather easy because I found one video called “Learning how to sign colours in ASL” that explained and demonstrated the signs clearly which made it easy to pick up on. Check out my learning in the video below.

Bonus Content- ASL Colors

Creating a virtual classroom in times of distance learning.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-4.png
A virtual classroom space I created.

This winter I had the opportunity to take ECE 325 Experimental learning with Christine Massinig. Christine course focused a lot on experimental learning. Although the course was directly related to education technologies through the course Christine encouraged us to explore different aspect of digital learning and teaching. Christine introduced me to a new virtual resource called a virtual classroom. I think virtual classrooms are gonna play a huge role in the future of education so I am writing this blog post to provided resources and guide you through my experience creating a virtual classsroom.

There are two main types of virtual classroom you can create. The first type is a static virtual classroom. This type is mainly used to share ideas for different classroom spaces and can act as a learning invitation. The second type is an interactive or live virtual classroom. This types allows the learners to explore the room and click on different objects that take them to different learning resources. Most of my experience is with the static virtual classrooms.

The process for creating a virtual classroom is rather simple. The first step is to create a google slide. Once you have created the slide you can begin to find images of the types of “loose parts” you want in this classroom. its easiest to start from the back and work forward. by this I mean start with the flooring, walls and windows. Then add shelving and other big items like tables and chairs. Finally finish it off by adding the tiny details like the things that go on the shelving or tables. at this point if you where to make a interactive classroom you would add links to the objects. I know this process may see like a lot but I promise once you get started it gets easier.

Thought my course with Christine I was provided a lot of resources that make building a virtual classroom much easier. One of the most important resources in creating a virtual classroom is a resource that removes backgrounds of images. Removebg is the one I used and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Another resource I found very helpful was a virtual classroom building break down. This resource provides a lot of instructional content and it also has lots of “loose part” you can add to any of your classrooms. Another great resource to use when creating a virtual classroom is Bitmojji . Using a bitmojii adds a nice personal touch to the virtual classroom. My advice on virtual classrooms is defiantly try it out. The more you do with it the easier it will become .

Here are some example I have created of static virtual classrooms

Evolution of Technology = Evolution of Teaching.

How Social Media Might Undermine Romantic Relationships | SPSP
Retrieved How Social Media Might Undermine Romantic Relationships By Orpha de Lenne

I don’t consider myself to be very old but in my lifetime it’s crazy to think about how far technology has come. Social media effects our lives in so many ways from the relationships we form to the way we communicate with one and other. This new digital culture not only effects our personal aspects like relationships, confidence, ect. this digital culture has also influenced the ways we teach. However, has the digital culture effected the things we teach? We all know the digital world provides many obstacles for students. It’s important to think if we have adapted our teachings to give the students what they need to be successful through these obstacles.

In Michael Wesch presentation really highlights the important connection between media and human relationships. In An anthropological introduction to YouTube video Wesch discuss the unique connection between media and relationships. He discusses how the web allows people to link in ways that they have never linked in before. I think this new type of relationship is an important aspect of our world because the relationship we have in the digital world will affect our relationships in the real world. So, in short digital relationship have and continue to transform relationships. Later in Wesch presentation he says, “Media is not content”, “Media are not just tools of communication”, “Media mediate human relations” and, “When media changes human relations change”. When he said this it really got me thinking about media and how I use it. If you asked me the purpose of media, I would say to find info and communicate however its important to understand that media is much more. Media is the way we communicate and the way we build relationships. It’s important to understand that media is much more to use then we actually think.

As a future educator it’s important to adapt to the changing world. As we have seen in the last few years digital technology is defiantly part of the changing world. The rise of technology means weather I like it or not the digital world will play a role in my future classroom and future school. The digital world can be a great resource for learning and communication. However, it can also be a dangerous place for students as seen is The Sextortion of Amanda Todd video. I think as a future educator it is important to use technology in the classroom for many reasons. The first reason being, student like digital media and technology so uses resources students like for learning can improve the children’s overall interaction with the learning. Secondly, I think it is important to use technology in the classroom because you can take it as an opportunity to teach about the proper ways to use digital media and technology. Technology will play a role in our student lives so its important that we give them the proper advocacy and awareness to deal with the things they may run into on digital media. As educators our job is to educate so let’s give our kiddos all the info they need to make informed decisions in the digital world. 

How to use social media for classroom assignments - eCampus News
Retrieved from ecampus news

Easy as 1, 2, 3………Maybe?

“Its as easy as 1, 2, 3, A, B, C, baby girl, you and me, can’t you see its as easy as 1, 2, 3, A, B, C, You and me.”

Saying this weeks learning was as easy as 1, 2 ,3 is defiantly not true. This week my learning project focused on letter R-Z and numbers 1-10. I started this weeks learning with the letter R-Z. While learning these letters I tried to keep practicing the letters I learned last week just to really make sure they stick. For learning the letter R-Z this week I started by looking at some pictures as an introduction. Then I used the app I used last week which was the flash card option. I wanted to use a new resource however I really liked this resource so I choose to use it again. Once learning the letters I moved on to the numbers. Learning the numbers where a bit tricky just because I found that I already had a learned way of what fingers to use to represent what numbers just based on personal preference. Due to my personal preference I found I would often catch myself using the wrong fingers so it was more tricky then I expected. I used the same learning process as last week. I started with an introduction to the content then focused on the letters or numbers one at a time. I chose to do this strategy again because I find to really helps me break down the learning and work on individual sections of my learning.

Last week for my learning I used mostly apps and I also used some videos. This week I tried to use mostly videos and images and less apps just to experience a variety of resources. I found it a little difficult to use images just because lots of the signs have actions and I also like to follow how the instructors transition from one number to the next. For learning the number 1-10 I used 2 videos. The first video I used was called Learning ASL Numbers 1-10 in American Sign Language. I found that this video had a few pros but also a few cons. I liked that the instructor in the video explains the sign and shows it from different angles. However the video isn’t very repetitive she goes over each number then reviews at the end. I think if the instructor would build on the numbers it would be more repetitive and more beneficial for learning purposes. I watched this video through a few times then choose to find another video just because I wasn’t a huge fan of the first one. the second video I found I liked much better. The video is called Marine Monday: “Recycle” ASL Number Story 1-10 and 10-1. I liked this video a lot because it provided a little story that went along with the actions which made it much easier to remember each sign. I also liked that the video counted 1- 10 then back 10- 1 so I got to attach two story actions to each number which made them much easier to remember.

Here is a video I used to document my learning this week. I used the resource iMovie trailer function. You can read about my iMovie Trailer experience in my blog post from earlier this week. Here is the video I created using the resource.

My iMovie Learning Project Trailer

Here is the other video I created that shows all my learning this week!

My Learning Project Week 2 Progress

Next week in my learning project I will be focusing on common words. I have also been working on the coolers as an extra and hopefully be next week I will have them learnt so I can share them as-well. Better stick around this learning project might get interesting……. and by interesting I mean I am getting to the tricky parts of my learning now. Wish me luck!

What? A movie trailer featuring me? It can’t be true.

For my tool this week I choose to explore with iMovies trailer feature before. On iMovie there are two different creation types you can either create a movie or a trailer. In the past I have used the movie section of Movie to create videos for classes. I have never really explored the trailer feature so I decided this project would be a good opportunity to do so.

The process of creating a trailer was much more straight forward than I could have ever imagined. Once I clipped on the trailer option I was brought to a page that had all the different trailer themes. I attached an image of this page below. I choose a theme that I liked since I didn’t really know the role the theme would play I picked a rather neutral theme.

These were a few of the themes offered

After choosing the theme you are taken to a new page where you get to create the outline, storyboard and shot list. First I did the outline. In the outline section there was a place to enter name and date, cast, studio and credits. I filled in this information to the best of my ability. Next I moved on to the story board section. This section was is where you create the video. Everything was preset so they had preexisting sections that I added a title to then added my video or images to. the preset options made it easy to organize my ideas. However I find the presets to also be a bit frustrating. It would be nice if you where able to add a bit of time to each clip you entered if you wanted.

Outline Section
Storyboard Section

Some tips I would have for someone using iMovie trailers are:

-Preview the trailers before choosing so you can pick one that best suits your vision.

-Create the content as you go. Its best to pick the trailer then see how long of clips you need then film.

-Be creative.

Overall I would say my experience with iMovie was much better then I aspected. I liked how organized it was. I also liked that it was step orientated so it wasn’t so overwhelming. I would definitely recommend iMovie trailer if you ever have to make a trailer for something.

Heres the trailer I created

Here’s My Trailer. Enjoy!

I definitely think there are many great ways to incorporate iMovie trailers into classroom learning. One way is to have older students use them as a form of presentations. Or you as the teacher could also use them for learning through lots of ways like making a quick trailer for at the beginning of a new unit to introduce the content to the kids.

I feel IMovie integration into the classroom reaches the transformative level under modification. It can be a completely new idea where students use it for projects and it can also be a great way to introduce new content in a very unique and intriguing way. As a future educator I will definitely use this tool when I get the chance!

Learning Project- Throwback to Kindergarten with ASL Letters

For this week of my learning project I focused on learning my letters A-R. For this section of learning I found the best process was to start slow and work your way up. I started my learning by just watching someone sign the abc’s on youtube which acted as an introduction to the new content for me. For my learning process I started by learning one letter then adding another. For example I learned how to sign A then I added the letter B and so on. I found this technique was helpful because it allowed me to practice each individual letter and it also helped me to practice transitioning between letters.  I would say one benefit to learning small sections at a time would be it makes for not such an overwhelming amount of information and pressure at once. One thing I also found that was important to my learning process this week was consistency like daily ASL practice. I have heard many times that the key to learning a language is to practice each day. As part of my learning process I tried to add 15 minutes to practice ASL 2 times a day. I found practing the skill twice daily helped to keep the letters fresh in my mind.

For my learning this week I used a variety of online resources. I used a YouTube video as my introduction to sign. I find this video to be very interactive and easy to listen too. After watching this video, I began to learn focus on learning each individual letter. For this stage of my learning I choose to use an app called ASL American Sign Language that has a flash card like aspect. I found this resource really handy because it allowed me to learn my own pace. It also was really easy to go back and forth between the different letters. The one downside to this resource was that the image they used to show how to make the letter was static. So it didn’t allow you to see the sign for all angles. After becoming familiar with the letters through the app I went back to the video I used as an introduction and watched it over multiple times. The video is nice to use as a resource once I had a basic understanding of the letters because the video allowed me to see the signed letter from all angles which helps me improve on the overall sign of the letters. However one advantage of using the video as a learning resource is that it moved fairly quickly which made it harder to follow at times. Overall I would say that learning ASL letters online it’s pretty easy. I found that there was lots of great resources and lots of different ways of learning like images, diagrams, videos, abs and also virtual tutors.

Here is a video I have created to track my progress

Next week my learning goal is to learn the letters R-Z and the numbers 1-10. If I seem to grasp theses sign easily, I will also start learning some colors. For the second week of my learning I am going to try learning through pictures, and I am also going try to find other resources then the apps I used for this week. Here goes week two of learning ASL wish me luck!

EDTC 300-Twitter for Teachers?

Although I am a rather young and update individual when it comes to technology, I have never really dived into the twitter world until now. To be honest before now I categorized Twitter as a social media app for old people like my 40-year-old parents ha ha ha. My dad and his buddies are always on Twitter sharing articles and talking about farming. However now after exploring to do for myself I can see that my dad uses Twitter as a knowledge resource for farming similarly to how I will be using Twitter do you connect me with resources within the education field.

 After downloading and creating a Twitter account I started to learn how to use twitter. I found that twitter is run and organized rather similar to other social media apps I use commonly like Facebook and Instagram which made it easy to use. After exploring Twitter for a week, I can definitely see how Twitter can be used in the classroom and also provide support as a professional learning tool. I think twitter great resource to use in the classroom because it is an easy and efficient way of relying info to a large audience such as parents. I also think Twitter can be a useful resource in the classroom because I can give you classroom inspiration and it also allows you to easily reach out to other educators for support.

 Twitter can also be a great support to help provide professional learning tools. Once building your education network on Twitter and connecting with fellow educators teaching resources just seem to fly in. It seems other educators are constantly posting new activities, tips and tricks for the classroom. I personally find these resources very beneficial to myself as a third-year education student.

Shortly after joining Twitter our class was exposed to Twitter deck and our first ever professional Twitter chat. Wondering what Twitter deck, it’s is basically like twitters cooller older brother. Twitter deck is an extension of Twitter that helps manage your account and track your Twitter feed in an organized manner. Tweet deck made it much easier for me to follow the #SaskEdChat conversation which was great. The #SaskEdChat was a very interesting experience. It really allowed me to connect with other educators and learn from them. However, I did not like how fast pace a conversation was simply because I’m the type of person who likes to read every single comment. Which is not possible during a live chat.

Overall, I would say Twitter is a great resource for professional learning and professional teaching as an educator. Thus far I’ve learned a lot about Twitter and developing a professional resource network. I can’t wait to continue developing my professional network and connect with other educators. Wish me luck!

My Twitter Profile.

EDTC 300-Developing a Strong Resource Foundation on Feedly.

Through this course I will have many new opportunities to expand my knowledge on collecting resources. After being introduce and exploring Feedly I think it will be a great asset to use to help myself expand my educational resource collection. I started creating my feedly profile by choosing the 3 different feeds I would follow. The first feed I chose was education. I choose this because I wanted the majority of my resources to be professional educational resources I could apply to my future practicing. I know the overall topic of education is very broad, but I decided I rather have a broad topic that provides lots of resources that I can look through then a small topic that only provides a few resources each day. Under my education sources I tried to add a variety of different sources form personal bloggers like Amy Lemons who adds a wide variety of resources and activities pertaining to elementary education. Another resource I added to this section was The Curriculum Corner 123 where they share many different learning resources to try in K-6 grade levels. these two resources are relevant to me and my degree because they mostly focus on elementary student resources. Overall these two resources will be great contributions to expanding my resource field.

 For my second feed I choose to focus on resources that pertain directly to using educational technologies. As said in my previous blog post About me & My Experience with Educational Technologies I don’t have an excessive amount of experience with technology, so I am really looking to expand my knowledge in this field. I feel this feed and the resources I have added will ensure I can expand my knowledge in education technologies. When adding the sources under this section I tried to pick a variety of different sources like Classroom Tech Tips which shares various classroom tech resources a tips. This resource is helpful to me because it relates to content in this class and it may also produce tech resources I can share with fellow students in this course.I also choose to follow Educational Technology which provides many resources for different technology to use in the classroom and also many different technology tips for teachers. This resource will be helpful to me because I will be able to learn lots of tech tips to apply to my future as an educator. These technology resources will play a big role in expanding my knowledge in the educational technology world.

The third and final feed I added is specifically for elementary ed resources. As a future K-5 teacher I feel it is important to begin finding resources and connecting with other educators about possible activities, classroom lessons and other resources I could use in the future. One of the sources I came across that I really liked and choose to add to this section was Elementary Shenanigans. Although it’s not an overly active resource it provided lots of hands on learning activities. I am a huge advocate for hands on learning and experienced based learning, so I really like this resource. Another resource I found is Ashleigh’s Education Journey, which provides resources for grade 3-5 teaching. This resources is relevant to me because the sources posted are directly aimed at K-5 which is the age a I plan to work with once finishing my elementary education degree. I am really excited about these two resources because I have already found lots of interesting article on their page and I can’t wait to see there future contributions.

Most of the resources I shared above come from suggestion produced by Feedly. I searched and added two sources then I just looked through the suggested sources which allowed me to expand my resource platform.

Introduction to Learning Project- ASL A New and Challenging Adventure Am I Ready!

My interest in sign language is a very new thing for me that was brought on by a recent experience. On day when I was out on the job as a substitute Educational assistant, I had the opportunity to observe a deaf child in a school. In this particular case the student had a special Educational Assistant who was trained in ASL so they could communicate. Furthermore, other staff members within the school and student had started learning ASL to communicate with this one student and make them feel more welcomed. I was so inspired by these teacher’s willingness to learn ASL to help the student learn. This experience got me thinking about my role as a future educator and ways I would accommodate to a deaf student. Honestly, I was stumped I didn’t know any sign language the most I could do is wave hello. This realization made me eager to begin learning ASL and I feel this learning project is the push I need to get on track and start my learning.

I am really passionate about this learning topic because I think it will be very beneficial tool for myself as a future educator. Having basic foundational ASL skills would allow me to communicate with students that are deaf and also students that are hard of hearing. I don’t know if I will ever reach a point that I will be fluent in ASL which for right now is okay. My goal is to develop my ASL enough that I can have very basic communication with deaf or hard hearing students. I feel this means of communication is a critical aspect that will allow me to develop teacher student relationships and a very inclusive classroom environment.

For this learning project I will be start right at the bare basics. As I said before I have never used ASL or attempted to learn it before because it is a new interest to me. The time frame for the learning project is 7 weeks. In these 7 weeks I hope to learn the alphabet, numbers, common word, common phrases, and basic questions (5 w’s). for this assignment I will use a variety of different resources like apps, videos, websites and images. Some of the resources I have already found and plan to use are ASL American Sign Language, ASL Pocket Sign and the YouTube channel Learn to Sign.

As I start this learning challenge, I feel excited and nervous. I know from previous learning attempts that language require a lot of daily practice in order to learn successfully. I am excited this EDTC course has given me the push I need to start to start my ASL learning challenge. Wish me luck I may need it. 😉

EDTC 300- About me & My experiences with educational technologies.

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.

I am Amberlee Dayman and I am entering my third year in the elementary education program. I was born and raised on a large cattle farm in southeast Saskatchewan. I grew up in a large supportive family that really shaped me info the person I have become. And when I say large I mean LARGE. I completed my K-12 education at Kipling School. Thought my school years I was very involved in extra curricular sports like hockey and volleyball and also a few clubs like 4-h and Student Leadership Council. Since graduating high school I have continued to stay very busy with work and extra curricular. I currently work as an Educational Assiastant in an Indigenous school which has really exposed me to student diversity. You might be thinking surprise surprise another individual who went to a small town rural school where they weren’t exposed to many diverse learners……… and you would be completely right. You can read more about this in my past blog post. However my new job as an educational assistant has allowed me to learn a lot about myself as a future educator.

You may be wondering why I want to become a teacher and that a great question. Ever since elementary school I have always wanted to become a teacher however I have never really known why. If you ask my parent they might say because I like to be a bit bossy…….. but I highly doubt that’s why. I have always loved being involved with young children they seem to always keep things real with their blunt honesty and I appreciate that. I also love the positive attitude young students bring to the classroom. Often to a young student enjoy school and the educators at school which I feel makes the job so enjoyable. So I guess you could say it’s my love for young kids that has brought me into this career path.

Since beginning grade school to entering university I have seen a massive increase in technology use in the classroom. In high school I was never a super tech person however university and online learning has really challenged me to develop my tech skills. Online learning has shown me the importance of tech in the classroom so I decided to enrol in EDTC to further understand the role of tech in the classroom. I haven’t really had much exposure to educational technology outside of creating this blog so I am excited to explore technology through this course.

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