Week 9

Culture pedagogy in the classroom is going to be one of my big focuses in becoming a educator. I am majoring in math so it may not be as easy to input different cultures in work in math compared to something like social studies. But I definitely am up for the challange and can’t wait to find ways to add cultural pedagogy into my teaching. Some things I am going to focus on is making sure that my students are culturally involved and welcome in my classroom. Some ideas I had were even adding Mayan number systems I think that would be a unique learning experience for the students and I think would be awesome to teach.

I really want to make sure that my students feel safe in their environment of learning. I want my students to feel like they can learn anything in my classroom and I want my classroom to be a place they look forward to coming too. I know that if I include all the different cultures into my teaching not only the students will be satisfied but the parents always will but also myself as a educator because I will feel great about making my classroom such a great environment. One of my biggest goals is to make sure I influence my students to want to follow their dreams and be successful in their futures and I think including different ethnicities is a great first step.

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