Most Impactful Stories From Field

The most impactful story for the field was hands down the last day. Near the end of our time I got to participate in the teachers vs students volleyball game on the teachers team. The part that influenced me in when I would go up to serve all the kids would be cheering for me and chanting my name and wanting me to do good. This really influenced me and gave me the chills because it made me feel good about what I did, obviously I had influenced the students and done a great job with them and when kids are chanting your name you know you did a great job and that makes you feel really good about myself. This made me feel like yeah I was a good teacher and I was a good role model and made many great connections with the students. Then as I was leaving I had a couple students ask for my autograph so that added to it making me feel like I was really someone special to the students and that made me feel great!