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I personally grew up in a middle class white family, I am very privileged to have had all of the opportunities I have in my education. I atteneded the biggest elementary school in Yorkton as well as the biggest high school in Yorkton. In both schools I was fortunate enough to be put in places where I could make friends with people of different cultures and ethnicities. As well as I was very fortunate to have two teachers as parents who always pushed me to be my best and who educated me on many things and lessons in life. I always carried biases and lessons down that my parents had taught me about such as my dad is a very easy going guy who is always friendly to everyone does matter their race or language he always tries to be friendly with everyone so I have carried that bias and will continue to use it in my classroom when I grow up. It is very difficult for everyone to believe in the biases I have as I know that’s not possible but I truly believe everyone is unique in their own ways and should be privileged with the same help and love everyone else is given. In a classroom setting I know I will be faced with many different challenges such as different kids with different cultures, believes, genders so I want to be prepared for those situations that’s why another one of my biases is to always to continue to push myself to be better and to learn more.

There were lots of European cantered stories in my learning. Such as the Hamlet, the Romeo and Juliet, the Macbeth these were all great stories that brought many great messages. But we were never really taught much about the indigenous or Métis people until I remember we read a article in grade 12. It was very disappointing because it was like one story was enough for one year, we would talk about the history lots in classes but it would never be about the different cultures. It was always the truth of the white people in the stories I remember countless stories of white peoples perspectives that we read and it was always about what they had to say was what we would talk about in discussions. But then as soon as we read a article about a First Nations person it was always not really discussed after. It’s kind of hard to see still in education because those peoples perspectives and history is just as important as everyone else.

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