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Learning and teaching about Treaty education and the First Nations people is crucial to our society today. It not only teaches us about the past and history of those people but also the present and future for those people as they are a big part of society as well. When I was in school treaty history was a huge part of our learning, especially in high school but even in my field placement last year treaty education was being taught in elementary schools as I think it is awesome how much of a importance that has on us. There is so much importance in teaching and knowing what had happened in the history of First Nations people. What is taught now in the classroom about treaty education will shape those students for the rest of their life and give them great amounts of learning and information that will benefit them for the rest of lives. If we did not learn about First Nations and different cultures of people there would be so many stereotypes that go around and so many judgements made about those people when we don’t even know the complete truth on how they lived. Our world and lifestyles would be a lot different if we didn’t learn about treaty education and all of the aspects that makes them a unique culture. No matter the race or language we should all come together as a society as one we are all connected to treaty people so should support them and learn about their culture like they have to learn about ours. In the classroom it shouldn’t matter what ethnicity you came from or where you were born we should all bring each other up. Treaty education should be crucial for a classroom even today.
I know at times it is tough to learn about a different ethnicity or about a history when you think it doesn’t matter as I have had those thoughts but it does matter. It mattered in the past and matters now and will continue to influence our future and I’m trying my best to really understand treaty education and gain more knowledge so I could be the best teacher possible.

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