Educational Philosphy

When taking this class I didn’t know what it would bring, I was nervous to take it and didn’t know how useful it would be to myself. From the texts read, videos and lectures I have learned so many great skills about teaching and lessons that I will use in my future. For example I was never educated and fully advanced on the topic of residential schools, I always heard about how residential schools and how they were bad. Now after learning and developing skills within this class I have recognized how these residential schools were so impactful on our past but also our present. I have learned so many great lessons I will carry throughout my profession and I think residential schools and educating the kids on residential schools is something important to harp on. That is why I decided to write about residential schools because they really gave me a different level of thinking and understanding I never had. Learning about the stories and impacts on people they had was the biggest eye opener within my learning. I am a big believer in equality, multiculturalism and giving everyone a fair opportunity. When I become a teacher I am going to try to make sure I give every kid the same opportunities and attention because I believe skin colour doesn’t matter, or one’s talents or weaknesses should determine how they are treated. This class has made me realize my professional identity and how I want to teach my kids when I grow up, I want to find a way to connect with every kid and make every kid feel welcome. Skin colour, religion, beliefs, abilities should never matter and I have learned that I need to empathize that if I want to make a difference. 

Overall I really try to empathize with my current knowledge of residential schools as before I didn’t have any of that knowledge, I didn’t know how important these schools were, or the impacts they made to the people there, but not only to the people there but still to the people today. These schools made a huge impact on me and my learning. I have really understood how fortunate we are as a people and we think our lives are so rough when really they aren’t, really we have no idea the pain these other people went through. I have realized that yeah society has developed a lot but there still is those memories and pain still there and it’s us as people who have to make the change to end this trend. When I watched Muffins for Granny I was in complete shock as the life experience those people went through, it doesn’t even seem like it’s real. Overall these people were abused mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I continue to grow through my story of reconciliation as I learn about my self identity and what I believe in, and how diverse I really will be in my professional identity, and I think this example of my poster shows that I am all about development and equality.