Professional Learning

I would say in my professional learning my best contributions were in the topics to do with residential schools. The project I did was really special to me because I learned so much within residential schools from this class and I tried to represent that. The lessons learned from the residential schools had really impacted me as I never knew half of the information before. I would say another thing I really focused well on was the blog, everytime staying on task and focusing on the big pictures of what I was learning, focusing on how these things impacted me and the people around me. Also having fun with the blogs communicating with other classmates and adding great ideas, I have also found myself to be helpful and I thought I added a lot of helpful tips. If I could make a quote for everythibg I learned it would be “look left, look right, everywhere you look there’s a different person, we’re all human nobody should be judged differently, everyone deserves equal judgement”. This made up quote means a lot to me because I am such a believer in equality.