Who Am I

My name is Nolan Budz, I am a university student taking courses through the university of Regina. My dream is to become a great teacher and influence so many students education which will allow them to want to impact the next generation of students. I love to play sports, listen to music and hangout with friends and family in my spare time. I have played and watched many different sports over the years. I have been a assistant and goalie coach of hockey teams. I try to be as active as I possibly can be. One of my favourite things to do is travel, as one day I hope to travel the world. I am from Yorkton Sk, I live in a family of 6, and my one motto I set off by is live life to its fullest. Always trying to be better and better myself and do things you never would imagine of doing. I am enrolled in ECS 100 and plan on explaining how this course has impacted me in many ways!