Week 8

Hip hop pedagogy is described as some form of artwork that was not created in the classroom. Hip hop was created in the streets or the hood and was created by different ethnicities helping spare time. Hip hop pedagogy is great in the classroom, it brings diversity to the class and is a great and fun way of teaching the students. It creates a different way to learning and helps engage the students in activities that maybe aren’t so engaging. The one thing students and teachers need to be aware of is that there is many in appropriate acts and languages that come with hip hop. So making sure those inappropriate aspects are kept to a school environment.

The hip hop culture has taken over many of our lives today as for many people that is their main stream of music now. Not only students but also teachers enjoy the hip hop culture and music. Some of the dances and songs they are able to create is just phenomenal. There are issues occurring due to hip hop in not only the past but also in the present. Hip hop can get very racial at times and offensive to many ethnicities saying words and statements that should not be said. When hip hop talks about a personal experience it talks about the different issues in society and how those issues are still shown today. It would be great if students and teachers were able to see how this hip hop was offensive and wrong to some individuals so that it was easy to change to make the classroom a better place. If students become more involved in issues and it becomes a bigger discussion then the world can become a better place.

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