ECS 203

She defines common sense as school being typically Monday through Friday, students get a 2 month summer break. Students engage in the 4 core subjects of learning, classes are usually between one to two hours long. Students are grouped by age or even gender sometimes where a teacher helps around 20 to 30 students learn. Also that students sit in a classroom surrounded by 4 walls as they learn from their teacher, the teacher always should know more than the students. Finally students are supposed to follow instructions and stay on task and on top of their homework and studies to succeed.

It’s very important to pay attention to common sense because every student is different, every student learns differently. As well as their should be guidelines and rules to a classroom so that a class can run smoothly. Could you imagine if there was no rules or common sense in a class? It would be hectic that’s why it’s super important that teachers and students follow the basic rules and procedures to a classroom so that everyone has a chance to succeed and grow as not only a student or teacher but as a person. So the common sense to a classroom and the guildines thag come with it are critical. 

I would like to say I’m a very intelligent student. I always am on task and most of the time am on top of things. I pay attention to the lectures in order for my success as a student. I ask questions when I need help and I feel like I follow the typical rules in being a successful students. I always try and be the hardest worker in the class in order to accomplish my own successes. I believe tremendously in common sense so I try to follow those stereotypes.