Field Experiences

My field experiences were great! They were full of so much entertainment and lessons, and relationships it truly sucks they are over. I would do them in a heartbeat again, I have learned so much from being put in the field and truly believe I can become a better teacher because of these experiences. I made so many great relationships with kids that it sucks those will not continue in the future, it’s hard ending relationships with kids when you were just getting so attached. I have learned many great lessons and tips for when I become a teacher, I have learned the ways I would look about at teaching certain things and different ideas to make the class succeed. These field experiences were the first test on whether this profession was meant for me and overall I think this profession was meant for me, I love the feeling on interacting with students and making amazing connections with them. I would like to thank you for the opportunity within the field experiences as I truly enjoyed them and learned a lot of life long lessons and memories!