Tweeting and Twitter ?

As a part of EDTC 300 we were required to create a Twitter ? account and post on it daily. At first, I was skeptical about Twitter ? as I had seen people use it but had never gotten it myself. As I made my account I was sure to have a photo of myself as my profile picture, and wrote a bio that was professional and described myself clearly ?. I started to follow some educational people and accounts so that the things these accounts posted or retweeted would show up on my feed. I really enjoyed participating in #SaskEdChat as it was not only educational ?, but also allowed me to find many different educators to follow and interact with ?‍??‍?. Interacting with people in this way was quick, different, but also exciting as we have not been able to interact with different people in such a long time ?. I believe that Twitter ? is a great educational tool for not only teachers and students, but also anyone who wants to learn something new everyday?. I quickly realized that there are so many different things to explore on Twitter ?, from leaders of your community??‍♀️, educators??‍?, friends?, and people/pages you may not know personally. I believe that through my last years as a student and into my teaching career ?, I will use Twitter ALL. THE. TIME. Throughout this past week I have learnt and seen so many things that will help me as a teacher, and cannot wait to continue learning through Twitter ?!


  • Tina Khavari

    Amazing painge, I am really happy that you find it useful, I am totally with you and i believe we can learn loads of things on Twitter!

  • Taylor Blake

    Great post Paige! Twitter is a game changer for professional development. I also enjoyed the saskedchat on Thursday and think it was extremely educational as well as eye opening. It’s so important to connect with other educators and Twitter is a great way to do that. I will also be using Twitter all the time!!! I think it will be a key tool in my career!

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