Tweeting and Twitter 🐦

As a part of EDTC 300 we were required to create a Twitter 🐦 account and post on it daily. At first, I was skeptical about Twitter 🐦 as I had seen people use it but had never gotten it myself. As I made my account I was sure to have a photo of myself as my profile picture, and wrote a bio that was professional and described myself clearly 📝. I started to follow some educational people and accounts so that the things these accounts posted or retweeted would show up on my feed. I really enjoyed participating in #SaskEdChat as it was not only educational 📖, but also allowed me to find many different educators to follow and interact with 👨‍💻👩‍💻. Interacting with people in this way was quick, different, but also exciting as we have not been able to interact with different people in such a long time 😷. I believe that Twitter 🐦 is a great educational tool for not only teachers and students, but also anyone who wants to learn something new everyday📚. I quickly realized that there are so many different things to explore on Twitter 🐦, from leaders of your community👮🏽‍♀️, educators👨🏿‍🏫, friends👫, and people/pages you may not know personally. I believe that through my last years as a student and into my teaching career 🎓, I will use Twitter ALL. THE. TIME. Throughout this past week I have learnt and seen so many things that will help me as a teacher, and cannot wait to continue learning through Twitter 🐦!

2 thoughts on “Tweeting and Twitter 🐦

  1. Amazing painge, I am really happy that you find it useful, I am totally with you and i believe we can learn loads of things on Twitter!

  2. Great post Paige! Twitter is a game changer for professional development. I also enjoyed the saskedchat on Thursday and think it was extremely educational as well as eye opening. It’s so important to connect with other educators and Twitter is a great way to do that. I will also be using Twitter all the time!!! I think it will be a key tool in my career!

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