Hi everyone, my name is Sarah Breti. I am from a small town an hour north of Regina where I live with my husband our two cats and our German shepherd. I love being outside so that is most likely where I will be when I write my blog posts! I moved to Raymore 5 years ago to be with my husband as he owns his own construction business and he also farms with his family. We recently just took on some land of our own so 2021 seeding will be another new adventure and I cannot wait! I am in the Early Education program but I started a semester late in December of 2019, so I have been taking spring classes to catch up to everyone else and I am happy to finally be entering my 3rd year of Education this spring instead of finishing my 2nd! I also hope to be teaching anywhere from grade 1-3 if possible!

My experience with Educational Technology is not well established but when the smart board came out when I was in grade 5 or 6, that was a really interesting tool to learn to use. I believe it is a big piece of technology that will be beneficial in classrooms as it is just a fancier version of a white board. I have also heard about children now using chrome books, which sounds to me like a version of the iPad except you can make it so there are only certain options the students can use and it signs out every time the Chromebook is locked. This is something that interests me and will have to be researched more to see if it is beneficial or not in the long run.

acer, chromebook, laptop
Photo by kaboompics on Pixabay

I was never a big blogger and I just started my blog when started university. It was actually for a class Katia was teaching, I believe it was ECS 110 in my first semester of Education. Although I started a new blog for my other classes, I do enjoy learning how to use different features depending on what class I am in. It also is nice to have a place where I can look back on where I started and where I currently am with my school work. Having a place for resources is also a nice option that I added to my blog as there are so many useful ones for information or helpful tips!  

I am excited about continuing this blog and my journey on Educational Technology!