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Try, Try, Try again

On Tuesday night I finished up the end of my Mother’s Day crafts and boy did it not go as I thought it would. Everything started fine, I am someone that measures about 10 times and cuts a few more times, what can you do! The cutting went as fine as it could with still using my jig saw as I have not picked up my mitre saw yet, but when it came to using my new brad nailer, which I truly love and it saves me a big headache not having to use the hammer, I ended up not being as close to the frame as I should have and this resulted in 3 nails going through the wood and coming out into the frame. At this point I tried to correct what I had done by trying to wiggle it out, as I had to do that finishing another frame before and it worked, this time not so much. I ended up destroying the inside of the frame and then accidentally pulling the entire back off, note to self, I might need to use longer nails also! This resulted in me standing there in frustration on not knowing how to fix it but knowing I could fix it and then giving myself a pep talk that I am a newbie, practice makes perfect and I can’t learn from my mistakes if I don’t make any!

The frame that I wrecked trying to fix

Thankfully I had another frame cut out that was a little smaller than I wanted but it would work just the same! Learning from my mistakes, I used a piece of wood as a guide for where I needed to put my nailer when nailing the back on and continued working, making sure to check I did not go through the wood, thankfully I did not! I decided to call it a night as I had to go feed my family in the field as they were busy seeding and I had a feeling I might just make another mistake if I didn’t stop. 

This is a sign I made for my mother-in-law for mothers day! I thought the quote fit our family just right!

Although you cannot tell from the pictures, each of these frames have mistakes that as a beginner were easy to make. My mother-in-laws sign I put a nail through, I didn’t cut the backing small enough on my sisters, and my moms sign I did not have long enough nails for. But they all appreciated the fact I took the time to make them something and practice makes perfect.

I have some scrap backing that I want to play around with so hopefully, with learning from my mistakes I can continue on with not going through the wood and destroying my hard work in seconds!

Here is to learning and progressing! 

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  1. Taylor Blake

    Hey Sarah!
    I am in aw of your projects you have done! They look like ones I would buy at Michaels. You are doing an amazing job. it looks like the process was not as you planned, but the end result is amazing. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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