An “Aha!” Moment

October 29, 2023 2 By Stephanie Voss

For my learning project this week I decided to learn the signs for colours! I found these signs to be quite fun to learn. They were kind of tricky though because they were all very different from each other, rather than variations of a similar sign. I did notice a connection between some of the signs for letters and colours. For example, the sign for “yellow” is very similar to the sign for “Y” and the sign for green is similar to “G” just with some movement. Recognizing the connection between the colours and the letters they start with was kind of an “aha!” moment for me this week. 

I used the amazing Sign Language 101 website to learn my colours this week. I am loving the free videos they share that break down different language areas for ASL learners.

I also decided to showcase my learning my creating another TikTok video. this time, I wanted to try out using a text to speech tool within my video. After adding text, I also added a voice saying the colours that I was signing. I thought it was pretty neat that there were lots of different voice types you could choose from. As it’s almost Halloween, I went with the “Trickster” voice for my video. I hope you enjoy watching me sign the colours in ASL!