Blog #6: Curriculum, Politics and Treaty Education

February 11, 2020 0 By Sydney

School curriculum as the article title goes to show is developed and implemented by politics. What does concern me a bit is that the government is the one to decide how schools are run and taught and yes all of them went to school but none of them actually have to teach it. As somethings in the curriculum well are needing change. I also find it interesting that textbooks and companies have as big of a say within the curriculum when we have just about no say. Our school curriculum should be created by those who actually are teaching and involved in the matter so parents and teachers not some old white dudes who think what they believe is best especially since when they do revisions, they crunch so much into them. With having only, a limited amount of time to actually teach things teachers end up pushing the new curriculum aside and sticking with the one that works and gives them time.

The Treaty Education article goes to say that it was made mandatory which is a step in the right direction. But however, it was made due to politics which to me is wrong because it should have been brought in because it is an important part of our History as Canadians. I find it important because although we are not comfortable with it but as pointed out throughout our ECS course we have learned that we are all Treaty people so learning about the Treaties is important for us in a way to understand who we are as people. The tensions I can see happening are many people finding it troubling as they have secrets they do not want to get out as some historians tell it from a white male point of view so you don’t get the full story and many might of found it troubling especially white teachers as it might make them uncomfortable to teach as its not their culture but it is something we need to become comfortable with as it is our history as well. Although it is not the best it needs to be taught.