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    Lesson Plans

    This is where I plan to include my lesson plans. I have not yet taken any third year courses, or really learned how to create a lesson plan yet. Here is a sample lesson plan following the “backwards by design” strategy. Here is a sample lesson plan involving grade 5 integrating numerous subject ares including: health, social studies, arts education, English language arts, and treaty education. Here is a sample lesson plan regarding grade 7 health and integrating treaty education.

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    Rejuvenated & Refreshed

    Welcome back to another week of learning how to practice yoga! The past few weeks I have been trying out the different types of yoga. This week, I found an article that outlines the 11 Types of Yoga and decided to try out “Restorative Yoga“. This type of yoga reminded me a lot of the hatha yoga I was practicing a couple weeks ago. After a quick google search, I found another article titled: What is Restorative Yoga? that taught me everything about restorative yoga. The article mentioned that restorative yoga is a completely different experience than most other styles of yoga because you hardly move at all! Restorative yoga…

  • EDTC 300

    The World Wide Web

    Looking back Before EDTC 300, I was the type of person who romanticized “living in the moment” and not being on my phone. I avoided all the new social media platforms and apps being produced. As mentioned in lecture, social media has had more negative impacts on my mental health than positive. I felt like social media was consuming me, I was worried I was going to miss out on posts that I felt addicted to my phone; switching between each social media app and constantly refreshing my screen. Instagram was, and still is the social media app that I struggle with the most. I got so caught up in…

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    My Educational Philosophy

    I Believe I believe in inclusive education. I believe inclusivity can improve every student’s learning experience and help create connections within the classroom and school community as a whole. I believe I can learn from my future students, and that every student should be given the opportunity to be treated as an expert.  I believe that education should encourage students to explore, discover, and gain new knowledge. Education should always motivate students and empower them to achieve their goals and aspirations. As a teacher, above all else, I believe it is my job to demonstrate love and care for every single one of my future students and provide them with…

  • EDTC 300,  Learning Project

    It’s getting hot in here

    This week I was interested in practicing Bikram yoga, or what most people know it as.. hot yoga! Bikram yoga is a series of 26 yoga postures practiced in a room heated to 105 degrees F. I have heard so much hype about hot yoga but never had the chance to practice it. So why not try it at home?! To incorporate a new resource, I decided to try using Pinterest for this weeks learning. I simply typed in ‘hot yoga’ in the search bar and had tons of resources pop up. I clicked on this article to learn how to practice hot yoga in my own home. I really…

  • EDTC 300,  Learning Project

    Levelled up!

    You guys asked for it, and you got it! In last weeks blog post I had a poll of what type of yoga to practice this week using the Yoga app and the winner was… MORNING YOGA! Shout out to all my voters! If I’m being completely honest, this was my last choice. Lately, I’ve found myself struggling to wake up early and be productive in the morning so I was hoping for any other option. But, I did it anyways! Starting my day with a quick 10 minute morning yoga session felt great! I felt refreshed and ready to tackle my day! I highly recommend trying morning yoga out…

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    iMovie: iLovey!

    Let me tell you all about iMovie! iMovie is a video editing application developed by Apple. First off, I am EMBARRASSED to let everyone know that I had this app on my phone all along and I didn’t even know?! You must think I’m behind on the times. But to be completely honest, that’s how “tech-savvy” I really am. When I realized I had this big task this week of finding an #edtech tool to use with my learning project I went into panic mode wondering what the heck I was gonna do! Right away I messaged our classes Slack community looking for recommendations and a lovely classmate told me…

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    Teaching Resources

    Lesson Plans Media Smarts : Here you can find teaching resources such as lesson plans and resources involving digital and media literacy. The Conscious Kid: This provides great book suggestions, lesson plans, and resources regarding inclusion and diversity within the classroom. Common Sense: This resource provides digital citizenship lesson plans and classroom resources, as well as EdTech reviews. Organization and Planning Tools Wakelet: This resource is great for creating collections of links, resources, and blog posts, really anything you need organized. This collection could be shared with students for easier access to the links/ resources you need to provide them. Chalk: This is also called plan board. It is a…

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    Jumping back on the Twitter train

    #BlastFromThePast I used to be an avid twitter user when I was in high school and that was the “cool” app to use. My most recent tweet on my personal Twitter account was back in 2018 when I told everyone that they need a heated blanket. I still stand by this. Heated blankets are #life. Twitter is probably my least used app, but when I do use it I like to just creep around. I rarely tweet, but I like using it to see funny memes or tweets that are #relatable. Before this class I would have never consider using Twitter in the classroom. I guess I never really saw…