Week 2

School and Community

I am fortunate enough to be in a community that I know quite well, as my placement is in my hometown where I grew up, and a place I still reside. This has its benefits, as I already have great connections within the school, but also a few downsides, as a few of the teachers that taught me are still around, which sometimes creates a different power imbalance. However I luckily had great relationships with most of my teachers, so I’m happy to have a place in my hometown. The school I am working with is a K-8 school, although when I attended it was only grades 6-8. It has been interesting to see the change and progress from when I attended, to now.  The demographic of the school has quite a variety. Due to the location of the school, there is a diverse socioeconomic status among the children who attend the school, as many different neighborhoods get bused here. I have been lucky enough to be able to do some conferencing with different students in the class on some of their work and always enjoy chatting with them for a bit and hearing about what makes them excited. 

 I view our school division and community in high regard, and I am proud to see the dedication from the teachers around me who love their jobs and want to provide the best learning environment for all students. I feel there are many links between the school and community present, most of which is fostered by the staff. For example, while I didn’t get to stay as my placement was in the morning, on the afternoon of the same day the school had a family day in which parents were invited to come to the school and participate in activities with their children. I can remember attending similar events when I was younger. The children especially love creating links from their personal lives to school as well. Once a week in class a student is picked and asked to create a poster about themselves and their family and share on Monday mornings. The estimation jar, which I mentioned in my first week, is also something brought from a child’s home, and they are invited to share a brief story about why they chose those objects or who helped them find something. Each week has been a great experience, where I feel invited and welcomed and always look forward to going back. 

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