Twitter in 2020

I haven’t used Twitter in about two years. I used to browse through it a fair amount, but a few years ago I got a new phone, couldn’t remember my login in, and just figured I’d be better off without it. I was excited about jumping back into the Twitter world for EDTC 300, as I knew it wouldn’t feel so daunting since I knew the basics of it.

One of my favourite features of Twitter is the trending tab! I love reading peoples thoughts on things, so you can often find me in the comments sections on articles, even though a lot of the time they can make me feel a little angry if it’s a particularly polarizing topic. I think one of the things that makes Twitter special is when you click on a trending topic, I don’t just get a bunch of news articles popping up, I also get peoples thoughts. I’m admittedly not much of a poster on any social media platforms, I’m more of a lurker so I’m still struggling to get out of this habit.

The SaskEdChat from last week was a lot of fun. I am someone who tends to ramble, so I feel as though the character limit on Twitter pushes me out of my comfort zone and makes me really think about what I want to say, and say it concisely. This made me a little worried going into the experience as I was worried I might not have anything to contribute. Once things started, I was no longer concerned. The questions were open ended and sparked many side discussions. Some of the questions were more aimed at practicing teachers, and it was great to see their interpretations of the questions. The chat was very fast paced since so many people were participating, so I do wish we might have had a bit more time to discuss things in depth with such a knowledgable and experienced group of people. The hour flew by, and I hope I get to participate in another SaskEdChat in the future!

2 thoughts on “Twitter in 2020

  1. Hi Annissa!
    It is really good to see that you have explored Twitter further and have found that your favorite thing is the trending tab. It is good to see that you are stepping outside your comfort zone with Twitter to voice your opinion. Looking forward to reading sources from you and hearing your opinions!

  2. Hey Annissa,
    I can totally relate to the struggle of getting out of the habit of lurking, but it becomes easier to post the more you do it. It’s awesome that you are trying to break the habit! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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