I Believe

Below I have listed the statements that I believe most about education, teaching, and learning.

I believe…

All students can learn

Teaching is about being flexible

Making connections with students is one of the most important things

My empathy can be a benefit in teaching

Children’s realities should be part of their learning

Students learn best through collaboration

We are not expected to be experts

Educators should learn WITH the students

Students can have different journeys to the same path

All students need to learn our history

Life IS education

Children should be educated in an interactive, engaging, practical, and connected manner

Children come with gifts, they do not come as empty vessels

Plant seeds of integrity, respect, truth, honour, justice

Young children get it. They understand far more than we give them credit for

All students have something to offer

Authentic indigenous voice is so important

Don’t be afraid to step into something you’re unsure about. Recognizing that you’re not an expert can be used as a strength