Where the Green(ish) Grass Grows – Week 6

We’re getting close to the end! The second last week of my learning project wrapped up with a rather big project, seeding grass. This was a project completely out of my comfort zone. The other tasks I’ve completed throughout this project I felt as if I’d had a bit of background in or at least some prior experience with the tools I was using. However, lawn care is where it goes out the window for me.

I started off by watching this video below!

This video was quick but engaging and super knowledgable (and pretty funny too). One tip in particular that I found interesting is that more seed is NOT better! I definitely would have thought that putting a lot of seed down would ensure the best results, so I’m glad I was told otherwise. Another thing briefly mentioned in the video is selecting the right seed for your area! Even after watching the video, I was still unsure of what seed to select, as the bags at the store had a lot of different variations in one bag! I came across this site that had an EXTREMELY helpful chart near the bottom that had a pretty comprehensive list of all the different types of seeds and where they are best suited! I ended up selecting a mix that had 70% Kentucky Bluegrass, 20% Fine Fescue, and 10% Perennial Ryegrass!

The grass before I did anything too it is visible above. Basically any greenery visible in the middle of the dirt patch are dead weeds. So my first step was to dig those out! I had some topsoil on hand that a friend donated, so I raked that on and evened out the area. It’s not obvious from the picture, but this area was very uneven due to the fact that the previous owners had a play structure here! I followed the tips in the video and wet the area down after planting. You can see in the picture below my progress after I was finished!

You can see how large of an area needed to be dug up!

The previous owners had actually left a grass seed spreader in the shed, but I didn’t end up using it because it seemed easiest to do it with my hands! Unfortunately I don’t think there will be a ton of progress visible before my final reveal next week, but I am hopeful there might be something. Truly cannot express what a hinderance the rain has had on this project (any farmers reading this, don’t be mad at me!) in terms of finishing up the staining of the deck and fence, but I’m optimistic I can get it finished in time. The rain has been helpful in keeping this area moist since I put down the seed, but I’m hoping the insane wind we have had lately didn’t blow it all away! So excited to do my final reveal next weekend and finally see everything come together.

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