Beginning my EdTech journey

Hi Everyone,

To start off, I’m Annissa. I’m a 24 year old student heading into my third year of elementary Ed. I live in my hometown of Swift Current and commute to Regina when necessary, so I must admit this lockdown situation has worked out rather well for me! Before I started at the U of R, I took roughly three years of Arts and Science at the U of S. I went in directly out of highschool with very little direction of where I wanted my life to go. I didn’t feel passionate about anything I was learning and felt like I had hit a dead end. After my third year I decided it was time for a change so I dropped out and moved to London, England where I became a nanny!

Photo taken by me outside of the Palace of Westminster

I really can’t find the words to describe what a wonderful experience I had abroad. Not only was I blessed with looking after with three of the most wonderful, smart, caring, and loving children, but I rediscovered my love of working with kids. I stayed in London for almost two years, but eventually I felt it was time to come home and return to school now that I felt inspired and passionate about something. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) U of S had just discontinued their two year sequential Education program the year that I applied, so I was lead to the U of R where I was accepted into the program. Without getting into the boring inbetween details, this leads me to today!

I was admittedly a little worried about this class, as I do feel as though I’m a bit out of touch with a lot of tech related aspects, especially when it comes to the realm of education. I had a twitter account in highschool that I rarely ever used and eventually forgot the username and password of, so I was a bit nervous to jump back into the twittersphere. However it doesn’t seem as scary as I thought it might be, as long as I steer clear of any of Donald Trump’s insane tweeting frenzies. You can follow along my Ed Tech journey here, if you’d like. I am looking forward to learning a bit more about what skills I can grow from this class and how to bring these into my future classroom. I am excited to get back into blogging and can’t wait to see what the semester brings!

Processed with VSCO, Photo taken by me

2 thoughts on “Beginning my EdTech journey

  1. Hi Annissa! England would be sooo cool and a once in a life time opportunity. I admire your perseverance, bravery and honesty with yourself. You will make a great and passionate teacher.
    Would you ever return aboard to teach?
    I have never used twitter before! Happy learn more about the twitter journey along side you and our other classmates. 🙂

    • Hi!
      Thank you for those kind words! Honestly I’m not sure if I would ever return abroad to teach. I have kind of planted roots back in Saskatchewan now so it would be tough to leave, but you never know! I’m looking forward to seeing what Twitter brings to this class and get to know our classmates a bit more 🙂

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