Connecting with my Classmates

I knew this spring semester would go by quickly, but I didn’t anticipate just how quickly! I feel like I’ve blinked and suddenly it’s over. Still, I’ve really enjoyed this class and the valuable lessons and resources I have been able to collect. This class challenged me in new ways, and evidently one of the ways I struggled most was the new platforms I used this semester. 

I consider myself a lurker through and through. In person, I would consider myself chatty, but this is not something that translates for me well online. I find I get overwhelmed with the idea of wanting to contribute something meaningful, that sometimes it is easier to just not contribute at all! Obviously, not a great problem to have. I really enjoyed reading my classmates blog posts, but found myself mostly replying to comments on my own blog posts. 

One of the places I enjoyed contributing was our Slack community. I liked the set up and found it easy to follow and engage with others. I used Slack not only to help others, but also to receive help from others. 

I really enjoyed scrolling through Twitter, but it was one of the places I found it more difficult to contribute! Retweeting resources didn’t always feel like enough, but I really enjoyed seeing what others had to say. It was also a fun place to see everyone’s learning project post updates. The Sask Ed Chat we participated in was a really great experience, and I didn’t know it was a thing before this class. I am excited to join in more in the future. Twitter was one place I was reluctant to join, but as of now I’m planning to stay on there as I do feel it is a valuable networking space. 

Overall, it’s disappointing to feel as though I could have contributed a lot more for my classmates. Still, I feel as though I was able to engage in spaces I wouldn’t have before so I’ll take any small win I can get. 

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