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My Inner Detective

Hello everyone! I hope that this post finds you in good health #NotTodayCorona

To start off this week’s post I have a question for you…have you ever googled yourself? If you haven’t you definitely should not only is it exciting but it is important to know what information you have out there!

This week we were asked to google a fellow class member and try to find out as much about them as possible! I got the privilege of working with classmate Kassia Nameth, and you can check out her blog here or below! Kassia and I have taken a couple of classes together, but it can be hard to connect with school being online. I am so thankful that Katia has set up our EDTC300 class to be as personal as possible. This class truly has a strong sense of community, and that is something we all need a good dose of lately.

When you are going to do some online stalking, where is the first place you’re going to look? For me…Facebook! I could picture all of the juicy info I would be able to find on her. NOPE. Her privacy settings were in full effect, and I got nothing but a profile picture!

Okay, Kassia to your blog I go! Here I found out a little bit more. I found out that she was born and raised in Southey, SK and she was extremely involved in her community. Throughout high school, she was an active member of the SCC, played various sports, and received a youth leadership award. From her blog I was also able to find out that she was 1 of 6 kids and her mom ran a daycare- this totally goes hand in hand with her elementary ed degree!

Here is her blog check it out!

I can’t say that I was satisfied with this information so I looked a little bit further. Knowing that Southey is a small town how many Nameth’s could there be!? From here I was able to find out her parent’s names and addresses. This wasn’t all that alarming because this is information that you can find in a simple yellow page lookup.

After this, I sifted through the images that her Google search brings up, and It was nothing but positive things! From this Google search, I was also able to see that she is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Edusites, Apple Podcasts, and Pinterest.

Bitmoji Image

From what I was able to find Kassia has a picture-perfect online footprint! From her online presence alone I would absolutely hire her and be her friend. She has a great balance of information, nothing too personal but enough that I get an idea about who she is as a person. If I had to give her any advice it would be to keep doing what you’re doing!

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