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Flabby Bird and Coding

What do I know about coding? Honestly not a thing, but when it was explained in class, it was soon known that we rely on coding whenever we are online! To me, I thought coding was something you had to understand to know how to do it and you have to get into that computer tech learning as well. So, when we were told that our task was to make our own code and show the process, all I thought was, this will be very interesting and gave it a go! I chose the website Hour of Code and after scrolling through some games, I found the one I thought looked fun, easy, and reminded me of Mario Bros! It was called Make a Flappy Game 

Going into this I was bracing myself because I had no clue what I was doing, but through every level there were instructions at the top of the page that helped explain what to do and made the coding process that much easier.

In the beginning few levels, 1-5, it explained to me how to set up the game and I could choose how to make the bird fly, what sound it would make when flying and if it would get points when it went through an object. If the bird hit the object or the ground, the game would be over. 

Level 6 had me choose the number of times the bird flapped its wings and to see if I could get a point when doing that. Level 7 I was able to change the background and there were a few options for that as well. I made it so when the bird went between the pipes, the background changed. I thought that was pretty cool! 

Level 8 had me stumped for a bit, I thought I was following the instructions but I was definitely missing something small and I had a struggle getting through the objects, but none the less, I still made the code happen.

Level 9 simply suggested me putting the score back to zero instead of ending the game if the bird hit the ground or an object. This was easy as it allowed me to continue the game and not start over if I had made it farther than before although I did end up losing all my points which sucked! 

Level 10, which was the last level, allowed me to make my own game from scratch, I wasn’t the best at getting through the obstacles but it was still fun to play around and learn how to do that.

Overall, coding is a lot of fun when it’s looked at in a game type of way. I’m sure there are a bunch of other types of coding but I think I would stick with this one as it is something that is fun and you learn while you do it and it isn’t too complicated. I believe coding to be important because we are in the technology world and we need coding to do basic things on the internet. Without coding, most of the interactions on the computer would not be able to happen. 

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  1. Amberlee Dayman

    Wow it looks like you had a great experience with coding. I choose to go the other way and do coding. However it looks like this was a super fun option to see different coding thanks for sharing.


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