EDTC 300,  Learning Project

The Start of a Delicious Journey!

Thanks to a little push from my EDTC 300 class, I will be spending the next couple of months learning how to bake! Crepes, cookies, cake you name it, I am about to try it! Now, baking is not a completely foreign skill to me. I have definitely learned a bit from my mom and my grandma while helping them in the kitchen, but I have just never really taken the time to bake anything on my own. I am looking forward to exploring this skill and possibly even picking up a new hobby!

I was diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of seven, and I have been eating strictly gluten-free foods ever since. This means that all the baking I make will, of course, be gluten-free! This will be an added challenge for me, as gluten-free flour does not always work the same way as regular flour and gluten-free baking is prone to be more crumbly and less soft or chewy. Throughout my learning project journey, I plan to experiment with various types of gluten-free flour.

I also hope to utilize a wide variety of different online resources during my learning project. One of the resources I will be starting with is Betty Crocker’s website, as they have many gluten-free baking recipes that are basic and easy to follow! I also plan on exploring Facebook and Twitter for baking inspiration, as I know there are thousands of recipes and tips on those platforms. Becky Excell’s twitter profile features tons of amazing gluten-free recipes, including some crepes I definitely want to try! Later on in my learning project, I plan to challenge myself by altering a non-gluten-free recipe to make it work with gluten-free ingredients. I also plan on searching for baking videos on YouTube, as there are countless ideas, recipes, and challenges to be found there.

As a grand finale, I plan to bake and decorate a gluten-free cake from scratch. It will have decorative icing and fondant, the whole deal! I will have to utilize multiple different resources to achieve this, as well as use the knowledge I have gained from my entire learning journey. I will be posting updates about my journey and sharing my progress on my twitter page, so be sure to check it out!


  • Meagan Flunder

    I believe baking is a great skill to learn, and it was something I considered trying to learn using online sources but decided to take up another skill. Trying to make recipes gluten-free will definitely add an extra challenge for you but it will be a great skill to have for you, and I believe it is something that lots of people should try to achieve when learning to bake even if they aren’t diagnosed with celiac disease.
    I also would like to add I absolutely love crepes!

    I wish you the best with learning the skill of baking, I can’t wait to see your journey and especially how your final cake will turn out!

  • Julia Breitkreuz

    This is such a great project! I’ve always had such a high respect for those that have to learn how to cook and bake for dietary restrictions. I feel like a lot of people underestimate how hard it is to find ingredient substitutions that still work well and taste good. Good luck, and I’m excited to see your fancy cake in the end!!

  • April Hildebrandt

    I am excited to challenge myself with new recipes alongside you this semester! I think it is so cool that you will be trying different gluten-free options. I have only tried a few gluten-free recipes myself and know it can come with added challenges. I am excited to follow along with you1

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