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    Digital Footprints

    Quick Information: This lesson is designed to fit in the grade 4 health curriculum It is an online lesson that is made to be taught over Zoom It introduces the topic of digital footprints & digital identity for kids The lesson teaches students how to be safe & respectful online I created this lesson plan in EDTC 400 with my partner, Paige Sterzer. Click here to view the lesson plan.

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    Teaching My First Lesson

    Phew, my mini lesson facilitation is done! To be honest, I was a bit nervous, as this was my first time teaching an actual lesson. My partner Paige and I decided to plan a lesson on digital identity for grade 4 students. Luckily, I do have quite a bit of experience teaching kids in this age group. I am a Brownie leader, which means I work with girls in grades 2 and 3. I think this helped me a lot with knowing what material and level of difficulty was appropriate for this grade level. One of my biggest concerns while planning the lesson was whether it would be age appropriate…

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    Counting, Reading, and Digital Literacy

    Technology is extremely prevalent in our world today. A 2019 study revealed that the average Canadian spends around 11 hours per day looking at a screen. Kids are also being exposed to technology at an increasingly young age, with studies showing that most children now have a phone by the age of seven. Although today’s generation is growing up surrounded by technology, it is important we do not assume this means that they automatically know how to use it properly. Digital literacy is becoming an increasingly important skill for students to have. Failure to use online platforms, social media especially, in a smart and safe manner can cause a long…

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    Twitter as a Professional Development Tool

    Prior to EDTC 300, I knew absolutely nothing about Twitter. I had no idea how it worked, and I did not think that I was interested in any of the content on the platform. I also had never even heard of a Twitter chat before joining #saskedchat for the first time in EDTC 300. I really enjoyed getting to jump into the Saskedchat again this week, as it has been a long time since I last participated in a Twitter chat. I always have so much fun when I do join one, and it is something I really want to start doing more often on my own time. I think…

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    My Digital Identity

    I was never really aware of the term digital identity until taking EDTC 300. I have always known that, as a future educator, it was important to be careful of what I post online and be aware of what others post about me. Prior to EDTC 300 though, I thought that as long as there was nothing bad or inappropriate on my social media pages I was good to go. Spoiler alert, I was wrong. Since then, I have been able to create a much larger online presence for myself. I joined Twitter, started blogging, and began to use social media for educational purposes. When I google myself now, the…

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    Hello EDTC 400

    Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, and I am currently in my second year of university. I am in Secondary Education with a major in math and a minor in drama. Some of my hobbies include camping, being a Girl Guide leader, and working out. I also work part-time as a cashier. Most importantly, I am super excited to get to know all of you! I use a number of social media platforms for both personal and educational purposes including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter of course! You can check out my Twitter feed below. I’m super excited for this class, as EDTC 300 was one of the best university…

  • ECS 203

    A Whole New Perspective on Mathematics

    I have always enjoyed math. My dad is a math teacher, and I always felt as though math just came naturally to me. It was my favourite subject, and I often found myself helping my friends in school who were not good at it. Now that I am in university, studying to become a math teacher, my ideas about what mathematics is are being challenged. This presentation by Dr. Gale Russell has really opened my eyes and made me rethink everything I thought I knew about mathematics. First of all, mathematics is not universal. Many of us view mathematics as universal because we are only ever exposed to one Eurocentric…

  • ECS 203

    The Problem with the Single Story

    Whether or not we realize it, everyone is exposed to single stories throughout their schooling. This is mainly due to a lack of diverse representation in many aspects of learning. Sadly, it often seems as though only the stories of white heterosexual male characters matter, since I think everyone can agree we read a countless number of different stories with characters who fit this description. Just the fact that most high school students spend at least a couple months every year reading Shakespeare proves this to be true. While there may have been one or two stories with a main character who was female, a person of colour, neurodivergent, gender…

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    The True Purpose of Treaty Education

    Hello, I am sorry to hear you have not received much support in your attempt to integrate Treaty Education during your internship. Please remember that your efforts are important and necessary, even if you have been made to feel otherwise. The idea that Treaty Education is unnecessary in schools where there are no Indigenous students is a huge misunderstanding of the purpose behind Treaty Education as a whole. I would encourage you to try bringing up the subject again with your Coop, and share your point of view with her. It is likely she views Treaty Education as a way of teaching Indigenous culture, when in reality this is not…