EDTC 400

Hello EDTC 400

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, and I am currently in my second year of university. I am in Secondary Education with a major in math and a minor in drama. Some of my hobbies include camping, being a Girl Guide leader, and working out. I also work part-time as a cashier. Most importantly, I am super excited to get to know all of you!

This is me camping, one of my favourite things in the world!

I use a number of social media platforms for both personal and educational purposes including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter of course! You can check out my Twitter feed below.

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I’m super excited for this class, as EDTC 300 was one of the best university classes I have taken so far. I had so much fun in that class, and I also learned so much practical knowledge about technology and education. Three goals I have for learning in this course are:

  1. To learn how to use Mentimeter. I have participated in many Mentimeter quizzes before, and I think they would be a very practical and engaging classroom tool. I am really interested in learning how to make one!
  2. To learn how to grow a stronger Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter. In EDTC 300, I thought I had created a fantastic PLN for myself. However, after the class ended and my classmates weren’t active on Twitter anymore, I felt as though as I had lost my whole network. I want to build a PLN that is strong independent from this course that will help me years down the road as an educator.
  3. To learn how to actually teach a lesson using technology. As a second year, I have yet to gain much experience creating lesson plans or teaching lessons. I am hoping to learn how to actually carry out a lesson plan utilizing the integration of technology.

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