EDTC 400

My Digital Identity

I was never really aware of the term digital identity until taking EDTC 300. I have always known that, as a future educator, it was important to be careful of what I post online and be aware of what others post about me. Prior to EDTC 300 though, I thought that as long as there was nothing bad or inappropriate on my social media pages I was good to go. Spoiler alert, I was wrong.

Since then, I have been able to create a much larger online presence for myself. I joined Twitter, started blogging, and began to use social media for educational purposes. When I google myself now, the majority of the results are from my blog, which is really great. My blog is professional; it documents my learning experiences and beliefs about education.

Although my Instagram account is private, I discovered in ECS 100 that you can see all my posts if you search up my account from google. This was quite an unsettling realization at first, but it no longer bothers me. I know that there is nothing on my Instagram I wouldn’t want a future employer seeing. I really don’t post often on Instagram or Facebook. Although my Instagram and Facebook are more private, as they are the platforms I use to share and connect with family & friends, it is still important to maintain a level of professionalism.

Something to work on…

I would like to expand my presence on Twitter, as I know this can be an incredible platform for networking and advocating for my beliefs about education. I think this would help my digital identity become more authentic. Although I think my blog posts are great, they were all part of mandatory coursework. If I continue posting and sharing resources on Twitter, it would better demonstrate my true passion for education.

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