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The Audacity

I tried the app Audacity for the first time this week. This is an awesome tool that allows you to make your sounds with different objects or sounds tools. I would compare it to moviemaker for music. It allows you to record a sound where you can split, cut, duplicate, and move around to make different sound tracks.

This is what the app looks like. The red button you press to start recording and then press the pause button to stop recording. The two arrows you can use to move frames from as small as a millisecond to make sure your cutting the sound at the right time. If you right click on the line that goes across as your music is playing, it gives you options to delete, split, and many other things that I do not know how to use. I recorded three different cords separately in a song that I learned while playing the ukulele this week. I cut it so that the transition between cords was flawless. I also duplicated each sound and played it in the same pattern to make the song longer. There is so much that you can do on this app that I didn’t get the chance to explore. Although, by just knowing the basics, I was able to make a song I have been struggling play and make it sound decently good. The only problem with this app is that you can only share your audio to one site called audio.com. It is free to sign up and has a lot of different sounds you can use from other creators, but it would be nice to have the option to upload it to more then one platform if needed. Once you have uploaded your song, you can name it, give a description, and post it as public or unlisted, very similar to how you are able to post YouTube videos.

This is the example sound clip I made from my ukulele recording.

I would use this tool in a music and drama class. I would give the kids full autonomy to use whatever instruments or objects they can find to create a song. This would allow them to be able to move the sounds around to make it sound however they want. They can also overlay different sounds to make it sound like more instruments are being played at the same time.

In the SAMR model, I feel modification is the biggest transformation as it allows for the creation of music in class to be significantly redesigned. Instead of having students in groups trying to create something, where a student might not play at the right time or mess up a cord or a note. They can record these instruments and cords individually, and put the song together so that it sounds like there is no mistakes.


  1. Cheyenne

    Hi Carson!
    I like your learning project and the creativity it inspires! I am musically deficient and was a menace trying to teach clarinet to during band class. I own a ukulele but do not have a clue how to use it at all, and no ambition to figure it out. Great work!

  2. crs864

    Nice one Carson. I have used Audacity a bunch of times, it’s great and there are a TON of online resources to support learning. I have done full hip-hop tracks on it, there are ways that you can snap the tracks together so they are all at the correct time signature and bpm. Pretty dope for a free resource. It’s great for use in schools, since it is free, students can then use it at home or beyond your classroom. I remember in high school, recording vocals over samples on the fancy mixing board. It was cool, but I couldn’t replicate it at home.


    • cps876

      Hi Cody,
      than you for sharing your insight on audacity, I will have to back and try it again and try out those tools you used, maybe I can make a better soundtrack then I did.

  3. Chayse Herriges

    Hi Carson!
    I was really surprised at how smooth the transition between chords was, knowing it was 3 different audio clips. Great job! I think your ideas around how to use it in a classroom are really awesome. I love that it allows the students to be creative and is very learner-centered. Can’t wait to see what you learn next! 🙂

  4. Zachary Nenson

    Hi Carson,

    One of my biggest fears of entering the world of teaching is teaching Arts Education. When it comes to art, music, drama, and dance, am quite uneducated on the topic. After reading your post, this seems like a great activity I could use with my grade 7/8s. It allows them to make their own sounds in their own way. From what I can tell, it also seems pretty user friendly.
    Thanks for giving me the resource!


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