The new technological reality

The new technological reality

The technology has become part of our social and professional life as television or other invention at their time. It is important to realize where are the benefits and where the technology is harming the society. As analogy, the automobiles have brought a faster movement from point A to point B, but to much speed also, can hurt innocent people.

Today’s society, especially the business or commercial environment push all of us to depend by technology. Either we are using some appliances or a professional device, we are relying on different gadgets, computers, software, emails or social networks. Nathan Ferguson (2012) is describing so well these aspects on his article “The IRL Fetish” Solving this digital dualism also solves the contradiction: We may never fully log off, but this in no way implies the loss of the face-to-face, the slow, the analog, the deep introspection, the long walks, or the subtle appreciation of life sans screen.[i]

It is extremely important to understand where the limit is. Just ourselves can decide where is the limit. On one side, the technology is making our lives easier and that the good part of it. On the other side, we have to pay attention and to make sure that the technology is not affecting family or professional relationships, is not making to lose important aspects on this journey which is called life. Sherry Turkle is making fantastic remarks on her TED presentation[ii].

Neil Postman (1998) give us  “Five Things We Need to Know about Technological Change” in order to make everyone aware about the technology’s advantages and disadvantages. More than that, the article gives us the tools to evaluate and to make decisions of technology use[iii].


[ii] Sherry Turkle’s TED Talk “Connected, but Alone?”


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