About Me

About Me

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

John Dewey

The University years were the enlightenment of my education.  I choose to follow the Sports Physical Education Faculty because has given me tow options: to be a teacher or/and a coach. Here, I met my Mentor Teacher who had an essential impact on my professional career.  He has guided me throughout a Bachelors’ Degree, a Masters’ Degree and an Earned Doctorate. It was not always easy, it was not always only roses, but I thankful to him for the way how he “furbished” me as the professional and as a person.

Coming to Canada, I have to continue my journey because I am studying for my Teaching Certification. In this process, The Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board required me to complete 24 credit course work. Some people were teasing me because to go back to school at my age. I said to myself, Victor you like to read, you like to study, so with hard work and discipline you will succeed. I must be comfortable with the uncomfortable, I must embrace the struggle, but, also, I am excited to discover new ways of learning and a new fascinating educational system.

I am confident in myself even I have got throughout some different phases and conceptions of my educational process. I have taken the good things that brought me where I am nowadays. I am looking forward to accomplishing my professional goals, to succeed socially in my adopted country and to enjoy life.