Self Presentation

Self Presentation

My pathway has met a few significant changes from Kindergarten to the present day. Until the middle of Grade 7, I spent my school time under Communism Era. I have passed an education reform with an unclear transition period after the Romanian Revolution in 1989. I meet my Mentor Teacher at the University who guided me throughout the whole of my graduate and undergraduate education. Nowadays, I am discovering Canadian school and university systems.

The communism system had two parts, as I remember, one the communism conceptualization and another the teachers-the kind human beings.

From Grade 1 to Grade 4, I had the same Educator who was teaching us with care all the curriculum topics. From Grade 5 to 8, every class has a Master Class Teacher and a different teacher for every topic. It is similar to the High School in the Canadian School System. Anyway, the good side was that the teachers were good persons with us, as pupils, and willing to make us better. From my memories, My Master Class Teacher was a kind and warm Lady who knew to guide me to improve my handwriting skill or to tell a kind word to get me back on the track.

In December 1989, the “Revolution” has come, the Communism has fallen, and everything became unclear for a while. I sensed that especially in the Foreign Language Class. I have learned German on Grade 5 to 7, French form Grade 8 to 10 and English Grade 11 to 12. These kinds of changes were in all classes and on different grades.

The University years were the enlightenment of my education.  I choose to follow the Sports Physical Education Faculty because has given me tow options: to be a teacher or/and a coach.

Here, I met my Mentor Teacher who had an essential impact on my professional career.  After few first assignments, he called me in his office and told me “Victor you are above other students, you have some talent on seeing things”. These were the words that I suppose to hear. That was the moment when I started to love reading, studying and developing my own ideas and theories. I thankful to him for the way how he “furbished” me as the professional and as a person.

Coming to Canada, I have to continue my journey because I am studying for my Teaching Certification. In this process, The Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board required me to complete 24 credit course work.

Finally, I am confident in myself even I have got throughout some different phases and conceptions of my educational process. I have taken the good things that brought me where I am nowadays. I am looking forward to accomplishing my professional goals, to succeed socially in my adopted country and to enjoy life.

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