Me as treaty person

Me as treaty person

Studying Canada’s treaties is an eye-opener and a self-introspection because you become instantly aware of new realities. It shows that almost everyone in Canada is part of a treaty agreement that makes responsible every person/resident/citizen. More precisely, the treaties must raise at least wo questions: what my role as an individual is, and what is my role as a professional?

The treaty aspect comes into my life recently, maybe three years ago, but I did not pay attention to it. Taking classes as ECS 100 and ECS 110, and teaching on a reserve’s school hade made me have a closer look. I see that the treaties are real, current and on-going accord between the Indigenous people and the settlers. I noticed that are many issues and I ask myself what I am facing or are the treaties a reality for me too? Definitely, they are, and I am part of the historical, social, economic and political matter where I have to learn what is about, what my role is and what I can do for it. The questions make me curious and I did a research about it.

Speaking the truth, I find out that before treaties, the Indigenous people have been structure from the social standing point on different nations and they still have this differential: such as cree, mohawk, anishaabe, metis, dene. On the other side the immigrants have different origins: Europeans, Asians, Africans. As indigenous people have united in one single voice because, in this way, they are better heard and as Canada has promoted so well and so right multiculturalism, the time has come to include all the nations and all people. The past can not be changed, some fact can not be taken back, so that is why the Reconciliation is becoming so important. It must see what can be done in the present, by you as an individual when you face another race, a Cree, a Mohawk, a Chinese or a Romanian to make to for everyone an enjoyable life. From our perspective as educators, we have a huge role, to create the social future, because education is an excellent tool for this. For example, imagine how you as a teacher are  influencing the relationship and the mentality of your classroom that include all nations, it will have an impact on society 20 years or more from now. The question is standing for every professional, in the end because everybody is responsible for a positive, constructive solution.

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