It is still going, but I am teaching

It is still going, but I am teaching

It is October 2017, I am still Education Assistant at EcoleVickers School with Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division. My passion is teaching and especially Physical Education. During the Spring and, now, over the Fall, I am watching everyday throughout the window, how the school’s Physical Education Teacher is keeping his classes on the Ball Diamond or Soccer Filed. It is not just a window or just a fence that makes  difference, it is an entire long and stressful process.

In 2016, I decided that the best way to settle in Canada is to pursue a teaching career. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Sport and I have the experience, so I should be accepted.  I found out that it is a process that I must follow with the Saskatchewan Teachers Professionals Regulatory Board. Well, it should not be long, I am thinking. A formal pathway, that I find reasonable, but is take some time. Anyway, I got into the education system, just to get used to the Canadian school’s environment and for networking. One year has past, and, I am still on the Teaching Certification process. The expenses are on the limit and I do something that I do no really like. I must act somehow. I set up a Google job alert on teaching jobs, any teaching job. So, not after a long time a Physical Education in Montreal Lake, came into my email box. Wow, I am excited, but suddenly I am thinking, will I be accepted? Montreal Lake is situated at 108km from Prince Albert and I said that it is better to call, before I am going there. Just to see the situation. I heard a friendly voice on the other side of the wire, and after a short self-presentation, the school’s Principal said: Victor come here, you must follow a formal procedure, but we will have a good discussion together.  I had almost three interviews, two informal and one formal, but I made it. After the formal interview, the Principal took me for a school visit and suddenly, he invited me to a room and told me: this is your office and there is your Gym from now. When can you start? Incredible, fantastic, I will be a teacher, even with Temporary Teaching Permit, but I will do what I like to do.

The teaching position brought me light into my life. It was not only a socioeconomical impact, but it was a spiritual and energetic revival. The road is long, the certification process is still ongoing, but I can breed, I can enjoy life from many aspects: financial, educational, recreational and so on. One more important mention: it is fantastic to see how from your teaching the students are becoming better, are developing and, not after a long time, they will be used for life.

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