Digital Mentoring

Digital Mentoring

I consider Mentoring a method to connect with other education professionals and future teachers. It is a two-way learning process because, as a mentor, you have to learn about your mentees, aspects such as their area of interests, aspirations, beliefs, level of education, and passions. In this way, the mentor will be able to provide useful devices and to see if they are on the right pathway or not. Mentoring requires study and research to make sure that you offer liable and valuable guidance.

I find professional learning networking an engaging environment where everyone can learn from everyone. The digital world contains a vast amount of knowledge and resources that are so accessible to everyone. It is essential that every person share, communicate, and build relationships. Also, everyone must see which piece of information is real and useful or not.

Mentoring represents an ongoing process because new concepts, methods, and tools are developing over time. The education professionals represent a vital network, and their collaboration can change lives and make the world a fantastic place.


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