Field Experiences

Field Experiences

The Senator Allan Bird Memorial School in Montreal Lake is well organized as a learning process and as a building. The approximately 330 students, from Nursery to Grade 12, are organized such as two classes for Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 5, and one class for the rest. The school includes a developmental education class. In every classroom, in  every wall you can see that teachers post it a piece of knowledge that is useful for students. More than that, the whole school’s hallway has, on the walls, a quote or information for the pupils. Every classroom has smartboards where the teacher can project different leaning topic found it on different educational websites. Also, the teachers have access to different manuals, books, magazines and other text materials on the Library which is connected to the Public Libraries Canada.

Regarding the school personnel, some of the staff are commuting from Prince Albert, others are from Northern Communities and they live in accommodations provided by staff and the rest are locals from Montreal Lake. The high school includes a Carpentry Class, beside Sciences, Mathematics and Social Studies. The teachers from Senator Allen Bird Memorial School are a passionate and committed group of educators in order to develop every student.

The school has a Special Education Teacher, a Literacy Catalyst and a Numeracy Catalyst. We are working closely in order to make learning a great experience for the pupils. The Special Education Resource teachers’ job is to assess the students with different disabilities and to design a learning plan in cooperation with a specialist in different disorders or physical disabilities. The Literacy Catalyst is evaluating the students individually about reading and writing levels. Also, she is planning a learning path for every child and is communicating to the grade teacher. The same thing is doing the Numeracy Catalyst on mathematics. The Literacy Catalyst is using Level Learning Intervention (LLI) program and the Numeracy Catalyst is using the Basic Concept of Math (BSM).

Senator Allen Bird Memorial School is a wonderful place. Everyone is a friend with everyone or more than that, if they are not relatives. Everyone knows everyone so is no way to feel that someone is socially or professionally up or down. The school is like a family where everyone knows that the most important thing is to make the children better. Some of the educators are teaching their sons, daughters, grandchildren, nephews or nieces. The local school staff and the community’s leaders are welcoming so well the visiting school staff, that is impossible not to feel that you are part of this family and that you are part of the community’s future. 

The Senator Allen Bird Memorial School offers a great chance to the children from Montreal Lake to receive the proper education.