Twitter as a professional networking tool

Twitter as a professional networking tool

The Twitter platform look like more for professionals. It easy to navigate, to post or to retweet. I thought that is more socializing for other purposes, and maybe it is too. The way how  is the EDTC 300 & EDTC 400 is proposing the use of Twitter is fantastic, exciting and engaging. I am looking forward to learning more about it.

I have enjoyed the saskedchat even I was a bit surprised about the fast interactivity and the request for quick answers.  It is good because it is making me be sharp. Also, it is mazing to see that other professionals think as you do or to see points of view that you did not think about. So, it is learning.

I feel that to have a vast network where to get information, knowledge or advice has only positive aspects. Even the contractions should be a way to test your ideas, theories and assumptions.  

It is simpler for my point of view in order to use it. It is a good aspect that you don’t have to wait until someone you want to follow will give you accept. I did not interact too much on any other networking sites because I was more interested in following and watching. Now, with Twitter, I am willing to interact more.

I like TweetDeck so far. Sometimes, I lose tracking at such a fast pace, but I think is common to all Social Media platforms.

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