My purpose with EDTC 400

My purpose with EDTC 400

I am originally from Romania and, presently, I live in Prince Albert.  In 2016, I took the decision to follow a teaching career. That’s why I got a Teaching Assistant Position with Saskatchewan River Public School Division and I’ve applied for a Permanent A Teaching Certificate to Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board. In November 2017, I was accepted as a Physical Education Teacher at Senator Allan Bird Memorial School from Montreal Lake. In this school, I teach Physical Education from Kindergarten to Grade 9, Wellness 10 and Physical Education 20/30 for the High School Students. This teaching position has given me the chance to work and to gain experience on the actual education field.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Sport which gives me the theoretical support on teaching and coaching children and youths. I am confident that the teaching career is the right career path for me because of my long experience and in-depth knowledge about coaching and teaching. More than that, I believe that the classes that I will take on Education at First Nation University, will bring me more specific teaching support and will make me a better professional. 

Taking EDTC 400 class, I am looking forward to learning new skills and keeping up with the 21st Century trend. Educational technology is developing more and more, so I want to make sure that I will be an excellent professional. Also, social media or social networking is a new tool that is and will use in the teaching field. That is why I want to know how to master it and to create a new way in order to interact with my students. One more benefit that I can have by learning about Educational Technology is networking with other teachers or professionals.

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