Navigating the Threads of Learning

I now wanted to try some more fonts and materials.

Through the Facebook group I mentioned before, most people mentioned they use a software called Embrilliance. I did some research and found there is a free version of this software so I downloaded it. However, when I opened it, I had NO IDEA how to use it. Even their website looked a little outdated and hard to follow. But I dialled in and read the instructions from the website.

I purchased some fonts from Etsy and did some tappy happy clicks to learn how to transfer those purchases to Embrilliance. I’m sure I could have looked up how to do it exactly and much quicker, instead, I just tried a couple times by trial and error. I knew I had to save my design from the software to a USB then put that USB into my embroidery machine. Thankfully I had one of those sitting around at home!

I found out that the new colour of thread I bought was not the right ‘weight’ and was not working when I tried one of my bought fonts on the machine. And I found this out by asking in my Facebook group on why my thread was breaking!

Next to do:

  • download the appropriate software ✅
  • trial and error ✅

Added to dos:

  • attempt a more complicated projects!
  • open up an order form for family and friends to have something embroidered (cheer backpacks)
  • venture into other platforms to learn something new
  • use a new media tool to show case my work

Stitchin’ Stories

As I have mentioned, my baseline started at the bottom, BUT, I finally opened the box and set up my machine!

However, as I took out the three (overwhelmed already that there was three!) instruction books, I didn’t jump in right away.

First thing I had to do, was find some material to do some trials on. I’m a competitive cheerleader and thought I would try to put my name on my backpack first. They all look alike, so why not make it easier to find my own by labeling it! Looking back, that was quite the ambitious first project, but it was my own backpack, so if I screwed it up, I didn’t wreck another else’s belongings.

From my brief knowledge learned through my first Facebook group I joined, I knew I also needed a stabilizer material to go on the back side. So I ordered some online through Amazon. Later to find out it wasn’t the right kind and I would further need to go buy a spare adhesive as well. Quickly realizing this hobby is going to be an expensive one. Whoopsie! 

As this was just a trial, I just used the fonts that are preloaded on the machine.

Put my backpack in the frame, inputted my own name in the machine, and figured out how to get it to start embroidering by trial and error pushing a couple buttons!

I got lucky! 

My first attempt worked out quite good and even centred on the bag!

My plan going forward will be the following:

  • set up my machine completely ✅
  • purchase all other necessary supplies needed for some simple projects ✅
  • attempt an easy project! ✅

Next to do:

  • download the appropriate software
  • trial and error
  • attempt a more complicated project!

Do Not Disturb

As much as I wish I could say I don’t use technology that much, I just looked at my phone’s screen time for last week and it was an average of 7 hours and 15 minutes, YIKES! I would like to justify it by saying a lot of my work is done on my phone in the sense that I run my own little crafting business called Mama J’s and most of my orders come through social media messages! However, I can also admit that I will leisurely doom-scroll through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and SnapChat on the daily as well. I get a lot of creative inspiration from social media whether its for my own home organization, craft ideas, or personal wellbeing. If I’m ever having trouble sleeping, I will open up Pinterest and find all sorts of awesome ideas. For some reason, this puts me to sleep very easily. 

When it comes to staying organized and productive, I use my iPhone calendar to schedule my day and the reminders app that’s built into the phone to make a to do list . I put everything in that calendar and share it with my boyfriend so we’re on the same page of when I work or when we have plan s together. On the calendar app, I have all my assignments in there when they are due and set an alert on them a week before they are due. 

I do find myself getting distracted very easily when it comes to my phone. I try to not, but reality is, I know I can be. There isn’t one platform that distracts me more than the others though. However, I have successfully kept myself away from TikTok unlike a lot of my peers. But every now and then, I will get on there and catch myself scrolling for far too long. 

iPhone Do Not Disturb

When I need to dial in and focus on a task that’s important, such as school assignments or work related duties, I have found the only way I can focus properly is to put my phone in the other room. Sometimes I can get things done if I just put my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, which I have found since the newest iPhone update, A LOT of people are using that function more and it truly makes me happy that people are taking time to themselves more and not making themselves so reachable. 

If anyone has any other ideas for ensuring a healthy relationship with techonology, please let me know! 

Threaded Tales: Unraveling the Art of Embroidery

I have always considered myself a crafty gal, so anytime I can learn a new craft and add it to my abilities, I get very excited!

I have been Cricut crafting for a few years now varying from clothing, signs, keychains, and cups! Summer of 2023, I decided to buy an embroidery machine to give that a whirl. However, it sat in its box on the floor for MONTHS before I even opened it. Now is my chance!

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My baseline is very vague when it comes to machine embroidery. I used to do some hand stitching when I was younger, but this is a whole different ball game. I joined some specific Facebook groups and have been a fly on the wall trying to learn as others post questions. With this project though, it’s my turn to thread the needle and get to work!

My plan going forward will be the following:

  • set up my machine completely
  • purchase all other necessary supplies needed for some simple projects
  • download the appropriate software
  • attempt an easy project!
  • trial and error
  • attempt a more complicated project!

All Aboard

Hello! My name is Jordyn, I am in the elementary education program and I should be all done at the end of 2025! It took me a while to get to this decision of wanting to be a teacher but I couldn’t be more pleased with this journey and looking back it all makes sense that I am here now. I am a very busy body person and love to be doing something at all times. I’m a full time student, competitive cheerleader and have three jobs on the go as well. I’m also very crafty and a big animal lover. I have four pets and there are all named after Friends characters!

I am excited for this class as I love learning more about technology and media! I am all aboard on the idea of blogging and am making it my goal to be more active with this blog. I loved creating this eportfolio and hope to continue growing with it for my future in this career.


A random fact to share about me is I LOVE all music types! Any genre I will listen to and 99% of the time will enjoy it. Here is a link to one of my most favourite songs!

Porch Swing Angel – Muscadine Bloodline