Feedly: A Useful Resource

May 13, 2021 0 By Ashley Peterman

Wow, can it ever be difficult to search for hours on end for articles related to personal interests! In the past, I would spend an outstanding amount of time searching for specific articles, which oftentimes the articles found were quite dated. However, I was introduced to Feedly this week and all I can say is WOW! Instead of spending an enormous amount of time, I can select my interests on Feedly and new articles will generate every day, according to interests.

Now, you might be wondering what my interests and blog subscriptions through Feedly are. Well, I will break them down for you! To choose my blog subscriptions, I narrowed it down to my own teaching philosophy and beliefs. For example, I have a HUGE interest in special/inclusive education. Therefore, some of the blogs that I have subscribed to include Special Education Strategies And More, Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties, and On Special Education – Education Week. I feel like Special Education Strategies And More will be very useful in the classroom so that I can create an inclusive space. Instead of students having to leave the classroom for specific subjects, these strategies might support me in allowing all students to learn in the same environment. The blog, Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties, will also support me in allowing all students to learn in the same environment. I particularly appreciate how this blog has one article each week, whereas the previously mentioned resource only has one article each month. By posting an article each week, my knowledge can be strengthened and I am able to be introduced to even more strategies.

I also have other interests and areas quite strong in my teaching philosophy. In my very first field placement, my cooperating teacher taught me all about mindfulness in a classroom full of grade one students. Wow, just wow. Mindfulness in the classroom is an amazing classroom management tool. If the students were getting a bit too loud, a moment of mindfulness can occur. To do this, cards or certain things would be read that calmed the children and in a way, grounded them. This short experience in the classroom interested me to further research mindfulness. Therefore, I have subscribed to Mindfulness in Schools Project to further my knowledge. Through this blog that posts one article every week, I hope that I can learn more mindfulness strategies.

Screenshot by Ashley Peterman

Other interests of mine include Edutopia, technology in the classroom, grade one teaching, classroom organization, and creating a fun classroom environment. I have attached an image above of all of my current blog subscriptions on Feedly. If any readers have any recommendations of blogs to check out, let me know in the comments!