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My Toddler is the NEXT Dance Prodigy

What if I told you that a mother will teach her three year old a dance routine? Actually…lets back track, what if I told you that a mother was going to ATTEMPT to teach her three year old how to dance? That would be much more of a possible outcome. I have always danced with my kids as a way to connect with them, get them connecting with musical art, as well as for mental health purposes. My three year old has a good sense of moving and also in synchronization with music. So with all these things in mind, I thought, what a great bonding experience for my son and I to learn a dance routine together through online resources. We can bond, we can learn, and we can grow together as a team. I asked my two year old if he wanted to join, but all he kept proclaiming boldly in return was “snaaaack” so I guess he can be a panel judge at the end with some fishy crackers in hand. He’s a tough critic, trust me…Simon Cowell doesn’t throw fishy snacks when he doesn’t like something. To start the dance journey I will be utilizing an online video to learn with my toddler once every week. We will see what the success rate is at the end of all of this and hopefully have some video footage of the process along the way to catch a glimpse. Cheers to another week and hopefully catch you in the next Learning Project post!


My name is Jorden Robitaille and I am currently in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina studying to teach secondary education. I am a wife and a mother of two under the age of two. I reside in a little Saskatchewan village called Caronport. As you explore my e-portfolio it is my hope that you will learn more about the journey that lead me to pursue a career in teaching, that I can share my experiences, development, and achievements in my academic pre-service studies, and a ongoing source to update those that would enjoy following along in my future active teaching profession.

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  • Alli H

    Hi Jorden!

    I love the bonding aspect of your learning project – that is so fun! I am excited to see how your journey progresses – I am sure that there will be lots of laughs along the way.

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