EDTC 300

Networked Learning

This will be my last blog post for now and I feel as though this semester went incredibly fast with my fellow EDTC300 peers. Thank you for everyone following along my posts. Your encouragement and engagement was vital to the positive experience. Ive attached here some of the comments and engagement that happened on my post, it makes me happy looking at it:

There are also way in which I engaged with my peers blogs and I wanted to reveal some of them to you:

Alli Higgins blog post: https://edusites.uregina.ca/allihiggins/2022/10/18/embroidery-is-rawrsome/


Austin Kearns Blog post: https://edusites.uregina.ca/austinkearns/2022/11/30/cyber-sleuthing-at-its-best/#comment-16



Ava’s Blogs: https://edusites.uregina.ca/avaviczko/2022/09/08/who-am-i/#comment-112





Barbara Blog posts: https://edusites.uregina.ca/barbaraceaz/2022/09/15/exploring-i-guess-blog-i/


Deanna Blog post: https://edusites.uregina.ca/dgallipeau/2022/11/01/the-language-of-code/

So those are some of the ways I contributed to the learning of my fellow peers blog posts. Here are some ways i contributed to the community on twitter, here’s  a link to the video: https://watch.screencastify.com/v/nr8TK7kDY7n8EvN025wn

This concludes my participation with networked learning! Great job all students on your blogs and have a great rest of your semester!


My name is Jorden Robitaille and I am currently in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina studying to teach secondary education. I am a wife and a mother of two under the age of two. I reside in a little Saskatchewan village called Caronport. As you explore my e-portfolio it is my hope that you will learn more about the journey that lead me to pursue a career in teaching, that I can share my experiences, development, and achievements in my academic pre-service studies, and a ongoing source to update those that would enjoy following along in my future active teaching profession.

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