Journey Towards Reconciliation

Reconciliation through Education

“Education is what got us into this mess and education is key to getting us out of it.”


Indigenous Literature

Quotes from “In My Own Moccasins” by Helen Knott

“Someone, somewhere, once told me that a song will travel the world until someone is ready to receive it. Since then, I have imagined stories and poetry roaming the earth. Right now, invisible words are being carried by gusts of wind trying to find someone to bring them into this world. Metaphors and similes are wandering the streets looking for a home.” (14)

“Healing is not a solitary act.

When healing takes place, it has no other option but to ripple out. It ripples out from the individual into the family, into the community, into the Nation, and into the world. Our Healing not only reaches forward to our future grandchildren, but it leans backward simultaneously and grasps the hands and hearts of our ancestors.” (333)

“Healing yourself is a revolutionary act.

Healing yourself is the ultimate act of resistance.

Healing is the act of remembering who we are as Indigenous peoples. Healing is the act of undoing the years of       trauma and shame that have been swept on top of us. Seeking healing is the bravest thing people can do.” (333)

“The generations heal themselves.

There is so much power in the act of self-healing.

There is so much power in you, choosing to heal.

You deserve to live a good life. You are worthy of all that is good.

You are worth a thousand horses.

Now go and reclaim that medicine.” (336)