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If I twitter around with this for a little longer, I may get the hang of it…


This is a pretty cool bird so I thought I would share this blue bird instead of the twitter symbol…you’re welcome. I wanted to briefly discuss my endeavors with Twitter. I recently started using it for me EDTC 300 class. I’m going to be honest, I had a twitter that was practically inactive just so that I could follow storm chasers in Saskatchewan for tornados and such. I actually recorded my first tornado this summer, I have always wanted to be a tornado chaser, but I don’t live in Oklahoma…Bye Dream. Let me insert this very embarrassing link to myself on a weather channel: Jorden’s Link of Embarrassment on the Weather Channel , it is the second video provided in the article sent in by Jorden. Anyways, we digress from the tornado’s and back on the topic of twitter.

Twitter is something that I have always been skeptical of. When it came to my generation of the introduction of social media platforms, twitter was the last in my introduction after Facebook and Instagram. Twitter quickly became a place for people to do hot takes and repost there opinions and tweets. For me it was a platform flooded with way too many opinions and information, which I was already being provided with through other sources. Honestly, I hadn’t trusted a lot of social media platforms for a long time on getting educated and informed. A lot of the time the information and education provided came without references or sources, and really were just opinion pieces. Now that there is SO much information out there, it is difficult to sift through it, and it can be difficult for me to allow the reality in front of me to educate myself with my local resources, and not to take on the world of information that’s in the palm of my hand. So Twitter for me is a resource that is inspiring and educational, but it also comes with boundaries.

I am excited to continue this journey on creating a education network of teachers on twitter and other resources that can aid me in my educational journey and future pedagogical practice. If you would like to follow along on my twitter, here is the link: https://twitter.com/jorden_pike. Hope to see y’all there!

Cheers to another week!

My name is Jorden Robitaille and I am currently in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina studying to teach secondary education. I am a wife and a mother of two under the age of two. I reside in a little Saskatchewan village called Caronport. As you explore my e-portfolio it is my hope that you will learn more about the journey that lead me to pursue a career in teaching, that I can share my experiences, development, and achievements in my academic pre-service studies, and a ongoing source to update those that would enjoy following along in my future active teaching profession.

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  • Allison Higgins

    I had a very similar experience with Twitter prior to EDTC 300! Since joining the #education side of Twitter, I have been pleasantly surprised – but, I do also understand that sifting through information can be difficult.

    Thanks for your post & your activity on Twitter – you have provided me with many great resources!



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