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So You Think You Can Soca? (Toddler Edition)


Last time I posted in the learning blog, I had a viewer suggest in the comments that I take on the challenge of the dance style Soca with my toddler! Super fun style, if you are interested in learning about the dance style Soca, i’ll link some further info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soca_Dance. This was probably my toddlers’ favourite dance style, it was upbeat, quite easy to follow, and just a party! We followed along with DJRaphi, here is his Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/DJRaphi. This specific video we chose was called “Follow the Leader Dance”, which is also linked here: Follow the Leader Dance. Also, you have to see the result of my toddler dancing to this because it is the most adorable thing in the world: Son Dances to Soca. I honestly would recommend this to all parents for a movement break for their kids, there is so much content for kids to dance on the DJRaphi channel.

I also want to mention that I added his channel to my toddlers Amazon Fire tablet, we have something called “kidz zone” on the tablet which restricts the accessibilities and content a toddler can have on a tablet. We have “Youtube Kids” on that app on “Kidz Zone” and if you don’t know what “Youtube Kids” is, check it out! It is a kid friendly app because parents manage the content on Youtube kids can watch and Youtube has already restricted what content is not appropriate for children. So all this to say, we added his channel to my son’s Youtube Kids and he dances to it all the time. Even my two year old dances to it! So check out the videos, check out the “Youtube Kids” app! Thanks for following along!



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  • Laura Githegi

    This was super fun to watch! Thank for mentioning that YouTube has a “Kidz Zone” I never knew about this, I don’t have kids but will come in handy for my future classroom visits. Wish I had your sons energy hahaha

  • Sunaina batra

    Ahh, your toddler is super cute and we can see that he liked soca 🙂 as usual, I enjoyed reading about your new experience with your toddler. Especially your son’s dancing video and the Machu Picchu video to which you have added the link. Great work.

  • Kaelyn

    Sorry, not sure what happened with that first comment haha. I’m so glad you guys love the soca. It is the rhythms and music-just so fun! I’m loving your journey! What a fun thing for Mama and toddler to do together.

  • jones13r

    I love DjRaphi! I think he is super fun myself.. Maybe I am a toddler.. 😀 I think these are great for exercise minutes in the classroom. he really gets you moving. Thanks for sharing these.. fun stuff!

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