EDTC 300,  Learning Project

“Koo Koo Kanga roo” is Definitely Koo-Koo Kool!


This week we are looking at the Youtube Channel Koo Koo Kanga Roo! This was again a recommendation from a viewer of the learning project blog, and I am so happy someone recommended it! Super fun dance channel and the guys are so engaging. They give me Flight of the Concord vibes but the kid edition. Here is the link to the channel: Koo Koo Kanga Roo. We specifically chose the superhero dance video because why not!? It was SUPER fun *insert wink, and the dance moves were nice and easy, meaning they were slower, more consistent, and repetitive. So this made it very toddler friendly to follow. Here is the video that we chose from their channel: Superheroes. Of course, I got a small recording of my son dancing to it, my other two-year-old also got into it but I didn’t capture it on video: Toddler Dances to KOO KOO KANGA ROO. My son is getting better at following along with these videos, it is interesting when you don’t have direct instruction, that they learn from just dancing it out and mirroring the dancing. So we have another dance channel hit added to our list and will continue to direct you all to wonderful dance content for toddlers.


Cheers to another week!

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  • Sunaina batra

    Hi Jorden your toddler is so cute.
    Along with your blog, I am learning new dance forms as well, and it’s fun. Good Luck with next week’s dance form:)

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