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For my assignment I decided I am going to be doing some research on disabilities in schools and the bullying that comes along with it. In the article I read the main point is how horrible the bullying has been to kids with disabilities as well as the consequences that comes to those bullies. Yell says, “Unfortunately, students with disabilities are frequently the targets of peer-on-peer bullying. The purpose of this article is to examine the legal ramifications when students with disabilities are bullied in school settings.” Most common disabilities seen in school fall under the developmental concerns.

Every child and every case of disability is individually different. There are some children that function at high capacities no matter what their disability is. Then there are other children with very low capacities to function in a school setting and tend to struggle a lot with the school work. I believe that teachers, administrators need to be aware of these children and their specific needs because everyone is different and everyone thrives in different situations. Some people are just born with disabilities and cannot control that. Schools and school systems are able to provide specific services for special help or needs and that is something that has came along ways in schools. In my high school they had a classroom for all the kids who maybe experienced disability and needed extra help and helped them succeed no matter their condition and most of the teachers even helped them graduate. I think the school system has come along way in helping everyone thrive.

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  1. slb257 says:

    Hey Nolan,
    I really like your topic. It is something that I am also passionate about it. I worked as an EA before deciding to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. The students that I worked with definitely changed my world and I want them to be included in more classroom activities. I agree with you that our system has come a long way, but there is still so much that needs improving in this area. I like that you are wanting to give these children a light and you recognize that they have qualities that shine about them.

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