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According to common sense, a lot of the same traits come with a good student as well as a good person. Someone who is hardworking, someone who always tries their best. Someone who respects the teacher as well as the fellow classmates. As well as someone who finishes their work on time, I know teachers love when all of their students are done their work on time because it makes their lives easier. Also according to common sense someone who shows they want to learn by participating, asking questions, and being involved in class discussions that helps determine a good student. There are also stereotypes that come with good students such as most good students get good grades, teachers love when they have a easy paper to mark cause it’s all right compared to looking to find errors constantly. According to common sense if you do those things you will be a good student.

The students who are privileged are the ones who can adapt to the teachers types of learnings and can succeed with how the teacher runs the classroom. Everyone learns differently so some students won’t be able to pick up on the style of a teacher so will constantly struggle in doing good. As well students who don’t respect their classmates or teachers usually are known as the bad kids or the class clowns. Usually the class clowns are the kids who feel like they are doing bad and are too scared to fail. But the most privileged kids are the ones who are the most mentally advanced and the ones who show that they want to engage and learn every single day by asking questions and being involved.

A good student is shaped by historic factors because most of the stereotypes and factors that makes a good student were determined in the past and have just carried on to today’s society. Such as the kids with the lowest grades are usually the trouble makers. So due to the history of education the stereotypes that a good and bad student receive are mostly identical to the stereotypes from the past.

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