Week 5

The curriculum aspect on sex Ed is making sure that all of the straight kids are being taught all of the norms to sexual aspects meanwhile the trasngender or not straight kids are being set up to fail. Sex education focuses on the body and precautions of straight sex, but fails to explain the steps for safe sex for queer couples, or normalize asexual people. Students are always taught how they need to wear condoms and be safe from the different diseases that they can get but on the other hand they don’t talk about the people who aren’t straight. Which still puts those people at risks and they need to continue to account for everyone and educate people who are also bisexual. No person is 100% straight nor 100% gay, people can’t control which way or who they are attracted but to it just happens and the students need to know it is okay to feel different. Some may feel physical attraction towards women, but in different ways attracted to men and that is okay and should be accepted and not judged. There usually is 2 different Health classes one that teaches biological boys about what to expect, and in a separate room teaches biological girls about what to expect. Health class should be an open conversation that teaches everyone the same thing in one classroom because we don’t know how everyone feels and maybe a guy wants to know the autonomy of a girl or vice versa and shouldn’t feel the need to speak out about it if they aren’t comfortable so that should be added into the curriculum. Every student deserves to feel like they are in a safe and welcomed space. Every student has their own thoughts, their own desires and their own privacy as every student deserves to feel prepared for whatever encounter they face sexually in the future.

I am going to try and make some big changes in my classroom. First off I am going to make sure my classroom is a inclusive place where everyone can feel comfortable. I am going to account for I have no idea what each student goes through sexually, or whom they are attracted too. I am going to make sure to let my students ask as many questions as they need and educate them so that every single student is prepared no matter the situation they encounter. I will be very open to many comments or new ideas. I will support the students no matter their preferences on male or female. I will make sure to educate my students on the LGBT+ club and how it is not something to joke around about. I will make sure that the students are able to learn about not only their gender but also the other gender and make every student feel comfortable. I want my classroom to be a inclusive place, I want every kid to feel safe to feel loved and for the ability to give them what they need to succeed in the future!

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